How can Exede's plans be true? (trying to decide vs Hughes)

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Hello, I am deciding between Exede and Hughes.  From a strict pricing perspective it's a no brainer and Exede wins.  I can get 50 GB on Hughes @ 25Mbps for $99 a month, after which it goes down to 1-3 Mbps.  OR I can get 150 GB on Exede @ 25Mbps for $110 a month, and if I read the fine print correctly don't get throttled after hitting 150 GB (which also seems hard to believe but that's not even my primary concern).

So with Exede I can get 3x as much data at the same speed for about the same price.  BUT, that seems really hard to believe.  From what I've read Exede was only able to deliver 71% of their stated speeds in 2016.  And their new sat isn't even active yet.

So how is it that a service that wasn't able to deliver stated speeds in 2016, which IIRC was 12 Mbps, is not suddenly selling plans claiming 25 Mbps with 3x the data of Hughes?  I don't want to sign up with Exede and the real speed is 3 Mbps (or whatever).  In that case I'd rather go with Hughes because I know they at least meet their claims as long as data isn't exceeded.

I appeciate any/all input.
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First, you are right that Exede wins, even if the price is slightly higher for the SAME amount of data - look at the hours data is available on Hughes, most plans have half or more of that data allotment during late night or the wee hours of the morning. With Exede, you use your data when you want to.

Yes, once you hit the data cap for your plan your speeds will be reduced, that's true of Hughes as well as most other metered service providers.

The thing to keep in mind is that advertised speeds are UP TO 25mbps. That depends on congestion (how many users) on your beam at any given time. Same with Hughes. Satellites have a finite bandwidth capacity (throughput capacity) That is huge obviously but, still it is finite so, no matter how technologically advanced and how fast they are, they can only handle so much data at any given moment.

Just like your computer, the more programs, webpages or apps you try to run simultaneously the slower all of them run. The more users using the satellite at the same time, the slower the speed of each connection.

ViaSat just launched a new satellite, so early next year sometime, their capacity will greatly increase once that satellite is in it's geostationary orbit, is functioning fully and, has been tested. That's another plus for Exede.

The choice is yours, but, even with the price being a bit higher for a plan comparable to mine, I choose to stay with Exede. I have rarely seen speeds below 12mbs, even at peak times, and generally 22 to 25mbps.