Hello Everyone! i would like to ask a question about viasat service

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Hello Everyone! i would like to ask a question about viasat service i am looking at the silver 25 unlimited is it all they say it is we do not do Netflix but sometime download big files but mostly at night so if you go over the 60gig mark how bad do they cut you back when on the web?
 what this house does do is a lot of Facebook 2 people 1 does a lot of pics of my granddaughter to the other grand parents! a lot of web surfing!!! shopping price comparing wife looking for the best price me to sometimes!! and I download audio books at night usually 1 to 5 books a week  
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Posted 2 years ago

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Depends how big your big files are. If you go over you can still browse the internet, just don't expect to be able to stream videos (or audio). It goes from 3-25mbps to .2-1mbps.

I don't think 2 people doing Facebook, shopping and audio books would hit the 60gb data cap.

Set up your network as a metered connection and you should be fine.
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If you can find something else...FIND SOMETHING ELSE!!! They WAYYYYYY over promise and WAYYYYY under deliver. Their coverage and performance is spotty at best and outages occur more times than not. Also, customer service SUCKS -- the CSRs talk down to you, patronize you, and act like you're bothering them when you probe for answers. Because you're contracted and MUST auto-pay, they really could care less. As soon as my contract is up, I'm out...if not before.
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Three things primarily consume data....video streaming, gaming, cloud storage. From what you've said Bill, you shouldn't have a problem....if you had walked into my store and presented your needs like you did above I'd feel very comfortable installing your system. 

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Most of the people here will tell you that the service stinks.  Reason being is people want to complain and few customers go to web forums like this if they are not having problems.  For 'most' people Viasat delivers on the promises and most people are overall satisfied or they would go somewhere else.

Satellite Internet has it's limitations and is both more expensive and less responsive [read slower] than most terrestrial options.  For those of us that live out in the boonies it's still possible to stream video, listen to podcasts and download large files.  It just won't be as quick or as cheap than people who are used to the Internet options in the cities or suburbs.

Early mornings thru mid to late afternoons the performance is very good.  Nights and weekends when everyone is on the computer it's not so good.  Probably won't be able to stream video or download large files although basic web browsing and email is just fine.  There are workarounds for peak time slowdowns such as using download managers to d/l your large files and videos overnight when demand is less and you'll have them when you wake up in the morning.
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we use hughesnet right now and it is an old system got it back in about 2000!
 are current plan only allows us 250 megs a day for anything on the web! My wife
has had enough of there service when she did a web chat on there service on there
web site and cost us almost 70 megs to do the chat session that was suppose to be free
tech support !!
bottom line if we want better service from them we have to cancel are current service
and then buy or lease a new dish and modem and a 10 gig 59.99 or 20 gig 69.99 a month
unlimited with no hard data limits???? for me I have asked them for the meaning of no hard data limits!!! I see that as a term a lawyer put in a contract so they can say we ding you because all you use is soft data??? what is soft data to???
So I looked up Viasat only two to pick from now for satellite service
I am also thinking about maybe building some kind of cell phone repeater tower if that is even possible?
hughesnet price to buy sat and modem $ 450.00  to lease $15.00 a month 20 gig unlimited no hard data limit? $69.00 so 70. + 15. is $85. a month for 20 gigs
and current experience with hughesnet once you go over your limit they say we slow you down but you can still use the web in reality they down right cut you off period!!!!! it takes close to ten minutes to just load there restore token page and most of the time you have to wait for over an hour to get it to load

So now you can see what we have gone through with hughesnet and my wife has never complained about there service till that 70 meg chat session with tech support

I was told by viasat that after the 3 month startup price total price is $110.00 a month for the silver 25 unlimited plan and after 24 months the modem is paid for so that should drop the price to $100.00 a month or does viasat raise there monthly price after 24 months??
Sorry I to do not trust these satellite salespeople

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Your internet plan is from 2000!?!?!? Wow. That belongs in a museum. You will be happy with Unlimited Silver. My internet is very fast. I've clocked it over 55mbps (and my plan is 25mbps). Although it is usually about 3-25mbps. Like I said before it does get very slow after I hit the cap, but I am pretty sure you will never have that problem.
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Just a slight correction.  The 10/50 plan from HughesNet is $49.99, not $59.99.   10GB of plan data and 50GB of Bonus data.  

No hard data caps - They don't cut you off when you run out of your plan data.  Your service is slowed.  Typically to 1-3Mbps, though it can be lower.  

You're presently on a system that, when you run out of data, it's slowed so much it's practically unusable, and you can barely even get to the page to use a token.   Your present system is utilizing a satellite that is 20+ years old.  Gen5 and what you're on now are VERY different systems.  The same goes with ViaSat's present service compared to what you currently have.   The difference with either service would be night and day compared to what you have.    

With both HughesNet and ViaSat your experience is going to depend on your location, as in whether or not you're in a area with a lightly loaded beam.  The lighter the load, the better the performance, and vice versa.  
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I was told by viasat that after the 3 month startup price total price is $110.00 a month for the silver 25 unlimited plan and after 24 months the modem is paid for so that should drop the price to $100.00 a month or does viasat raise there monthly price after 24 months??
The short answer to your question, no you will continue to pay the $10 per month lease fee after your 24 month commitment and the price will not drop by $10 because of that; historically Viasat does not raise the price of your current plan..

The long form answer...

Viasat does have a lifetime prepaid lease option (or did); however as I recall it is in the $300 range paid up from - obviously the payback period is around 30 months before you start seeing any benefit from that. Even then there are some gotchas in the fine print as some have found out when switching to plans require the newer model modems (the old prepayed modem lease was prorated to 30 months and the new model modem was then on a month to month lease).
$100 per month (after promo period) for Silver 25 sounds right for at least some areas. Not sure if that's the price in your specific area not knowing what area you are talking about - but you could always double check using your Zip Code at viasat.com/internet.

Historically, Viasat has not changed the pricing of its plans as long as you stay on the plan you originally signed up for. However, the customer agreement does not prevent them from unilaterally modifying it:
Upon notice published on the Viasat website applicable to your Service: www.exede.com or www.viasat.com/wildblue we may modify this Agreement, including, without limitation, our pricing and billing terms...

Will they, perhaps not since it would be bad optics. However in the past Viasat has offered a tow two or three year price guarantee to counter that fine print. Without that fine print, there's no need to offer a price guarantee ;)

Do take the time to read some of the legal documents, particularly the Customer Agreement and Unlimited Data Policy, at:


before relying solely upon what a salesman told you.

Viasat has a "soft data cap" also - it's just called something different on unlimited plans - a data usage threshold after which your requests may be prioritized behind others who have not exceeded their threshold.
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Hey Bill, on the so-called Unlimited Silver 25, you WILL experience the same thing you did with Hughes after you hit 60GB -- and it is VERY, VERY, VERY, SLOW...CREEPING DEATH SLOW...

As far as (someone saying) people coming here "just to complain" under an assumption that we would go somewhere else if it was "that bad", hard to do when you're tied in to a contract that only one party (the paying party) is living up to -- unless of course you wanna "buy out" the contract. Honestly, at one time I had a great experience with Viasat (when they used the name Exede) -- I experienced some issues and they were quick to resolve them and more than generous with their time and explanations. Since I have moved and changed service and they now go by Viasat, things are almost unbearable, so, no, I am not complaining just to complain.

Just keep researching is the advice I have for you.
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Bill. Based on your needs and your familiarity with satellite internet, the Viasat Silver plan should work nicely for you. As Andy noted above, I see no reason why you shouldn't get Viasat. FYI I dumped a system older than yours but with the 250MB/day cap back in 2006 for Wildblue/Exede/Viasat. In general I have been satisfied with them.
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We have unlimited silver at a vacation home and I doubt we have ever approached 60 GB, but last week, Friday night we were not able to stream any video. I did a speed check and the result was in kilobytes per second. Obviously disappointingly slow, and I don't see a remedy. We are in Northern California, in a remote area where there is little alternative, and I'm locked into a two-year contract.
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Viasat is crap. Hughesnet is crap. Viasats customer is crap. Their sales team are liars. Tech support highly incompetent. I imagine it's the same for Hughesnet. It's better than what you currently have. You might also be able to upgrade to better satellite service with Hughesnet btw, if you haven't you should call them.  As for a cell phone tower, there's a real cool 2g tower you can build for one of them old brick phones. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/yw35vg/how-to-make-a-diy-mini-cell-phone-tower-using-part... which viasat may be able to handle. They however sale boosters that can boost the signal that you have available with no need for an internet connection. You will probably be happy with this service unless you ever attempt to step into the 21st century on a regular basis.
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Viasat is an absolute and 100% dishonest company in every way. Their customer service is full of bologna and lie about everything that comes out of their mouth. ONE TIME, one time I have spoke with a woman who appeared and sounded very polite and I felt that she did a thorough job in addressing the problem which was happening with my service. I was with the belief that she had treated me with respect and actually taken the time to look into the issues there were with my service. She for the inconvenience issues me a $25.00 credit which she assured me would be appearing on my next bill. When my bill was being paid that next month it showed no reflection whatsoever of this credit I was given. When I called in to question this they informed me that there was absolutely no note at all of this credit I was given, in fact the whole nearly 3 hour conversation which I had with customer support earlier in the month when this disappearing credit was issued had vanished from their call log and showed no reflection whatsoever of my phone call. They lie and they run a bad business. Please take this into consideration if you are considering using this company :-(
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What problem were you having with your service?
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I have used customer support three times in over 2 years via CHAT.  Never spent more than 3 minutes with them and solved every issue I had.  Some customer issues are not issues but just a fact of life with satellite internet and can't be solved to the customers satisfaction.
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I had to call customer service to cancel my upgrade from Liberty 12 to Silver Unlimited.

Based on all the negative posts on this forum, I expected the call to be a nightmare.

My situation ended up being similar to Jim's. I was only on the phone for a minute or two and my problem was taken care of promptly.

The new modem for the Unlimited plan showed up, I promptly returned it at Viasat's expense and was never charged a penny extra.

Happy customer here.
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Although I have only called customer service a handful of time over the past 10 years, I never had anything negative occur during these calls. The reps were always helpful. I think a lot of the problems some folks experience are brought on by the caller being negative or disrespectful to the customer service reps.