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I changed my router WiFi name and password, but in the process I mistakenly changed my modem password also.  When  I discovered this, I initially thought no problem, I'll just check my browser for the saved passwords.  When I looked at what it had saved, it was obviously in an encrypted form and I tried using both passwords that were saved but i still couldn't get into my modem or now my router.  This was a totally self induced screw up.  I shouldn't attempted this at 2 AM, lesson learned.

Anyway I decided to call in for support, I had all my paperwork that came with the modem out etc., and the first person i talked to tried but really didn't have a clue.  Then after a half hour of hacking around i decided i would call in again.  This time the lady that answered was the real deal, we went thru several iterations of what i did and what did i think the password and name of the network was, etc. never name the Ethernet direct modem to computer a close variation of your WiFi network, adds to the confusion.

I'll cut to the chase after several reboots of the Modem, the computer, and getting into the Modem and Wifi page i was back to admin, admin on the modem and had my new wifi network up and running. 

I worked with her from about 3 AM to 5 AM and she had knowledge and patience, like i was the only customer she was concerned with.  After reestablishing my wifi network she asked if i had other devices on the wifi network and she said lets try and put them on your home network to insure all is well.  At first i thought i appreciated all of her time to this point but i was sure all would be well with them.  She just wanted to insure that there were no other issues.  I put a couple of lap tops and my phone on the new wifi network and all was well.  She said is there anything else I can help you with.  I noticed the sun was coming up, thanked her for her excellent support and offered to talk to her supervisor, she said thank you but this is just what i do.  I told her she does it very well.

I  received a survey or email ( a few months ago and don't remember) and praised her knowledge and patience.

Anyway i know others have had other results but like a lot of services it depends on who answers the phone or walks in the door to assist you.

The support I received with this issue was outstanding.

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