Good services until 1 year and 1 one month ago.

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hiya guys!!! just wanted to tell yall guys that ive had good services like 1 year and 1 month since ive had exede. ok a little back story of why i chose exede. the reason why is that cause... with my old ISP they had to cancel cause i kept having connection problems... so they had to come and get there stuff and refunded me the money (well part of it) WHILE i was onto my old ISP i looked for a different internet provider...

then i saw exede onto google... it was sometime in feburary. therefore i called exede to see if they had services in my area. they said no where sorry but we dont offer services in your area. i was like awman.... then as soon as the people gots there stuff i had to go onto a mobile wifi verizon hotspot... prepaid and let me tell ya 100$ FRICKING DOLLARS FOR 10GBS!!! which was not cool man...

but ive managed to get through the month with only 10gbs a month... then i searched onto google and i found exede once again... i seen they had provide services into my area. but yet i wanted to call just to make sure of it... so i called and they said they where providing services into my area... (good thing i had money into the bank when they took out the payment for the 1st month :D ) so i signed up and i knew i was going to be into a 2 year contract. i said yes i understand... 

then afterwards the installtion guy came and installed everything. i was all hooked up and i signed the paper and when i signed the paper i was into a 2 year contract. which didnt bother me at all... which i kinda like it now :D

and plus satillite internet was my ONLY option... DSL OR CABLE internet didnt serve into my area sadly.... but i looked up how to manage my 150gbs of data onto the freedom plan... till this day i keep an eye onto my data like 1 every 3 to 4 days :3

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYHOO!!! that is the back story of why i chosen exede as my isp

ANYHOO!!! i LOVE exede... imma glad that imma onto the freedom plan 150gbs.... cause if i didnt grab it at that time i knew it was going to go away... so therefore i grabbed it... then it disappeared... but yet imma still onto the freedom plan 150gbs... so the freedom plan in my area isnt avaible anymore... but i still gots it even though it went bai bai for other people...

also i do alotta stuff :3 and also i can watch video onto youtube at 480p (but not HD as that is WAY too much data eater @>@ ) and also not only that i watch anime onto funimation now and i download the episode after i watched the anime onto funimation and then go download it at a different website...

also i can play video games on it :D i can play dragon ball z xenoverse 1 and 2 online just fine :3
it can be a bit laggy but not too laggy as it doesnt bother me :3

BUT!!! that is where i have to keep an eye onto my data... for when i play OR download games onto my xbox one or ps4...

also i watch youtube videos everyday :D also my video games are fun and anime is fun to watch and also imma glad imma on the freedom plan 150gbs... and i NEVER EVER HAD no problem whats so ever... 

EXECPT!!! they had to realign the satillite cause i was getting red stuff onto my end.... and they can see it onto there end... so therefore... they had a technian come out and realign the satillite... and ever since then ive had no problems what so ever :D also here is a the speed results enjoy the picture i drew for ya exede!!! :D

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  • happy and thankful that exede is giving me good services :3

Posted 3 years ago

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My understanding is that: you first had great results with Exede; then results became not so good but that was ultimately due to your dish being misaligned at your house; but you got that fixed and now results are great again.

My experience has been that problems such as you have described tend to be due to faults at the a customer's location.  Stuff always seems to happen and I periodically look at to make sure everything is still OK on my end.
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yeah it was like what you said :3 also i tend to go to that link also XD also my speeds are wonderful now :D (execpt during peek hours sadly but ill survive or a bad storm ill survive :3 )