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I've been with exede/ wild blue going into 8 years and the first two years were great but they slowly started to go down hill after that with a slow connection, freezes, GB's flying out even though we didn't do any downloads or updates until The 12-5 AM started It's so slow now that I can not load even my facebook page started to try and get into it at 7:30 am and its 10:30 am this company is not good they say your used all your data up with in a week and slow your speeds so bad you just as well pack your computer up and put it away for the rest of the month we are going to change companys and get out of this one don't bother trying to use YouTube or Netflix because your data is gone within a few hours.. you can't do anything because your data flys out the door The promises they made for 2016 never came to fruition. I have no other choice but get a diffrent internet service.. I used to be one of their strongest supporters but no more. I would not recommend this company to my enemies. exede/wildblue is a rip off and lies to you as well.
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Posted 3 years ago

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how much is it to cancell contract and send all thier stuff back i agree its the worse service ever
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Hello Corinne, 
We still have every intention of launching our new satellite. We did originally plan it for this summer but Space X had setbacks (namely a rocket explosion)  which would have made everything TBA and severely delayed so we did a new agreement with another rocket company for ViaSat 2 and are expected to launch by the end of the year with new plans and benefits of the extra bandwidth shortly after (it's a lot of work and time to plan these things out but I assure you we want to get this done ASAP). I suspect as time gets closer we'll have some great announcements to make.

As for issues with data, there's a TON of things now that probably weren't as common a few years ago. App updates, the ever-so-frustrating constant Windows 10 updates, online backup and storage, HD streaming, Web content playing videos automatically just to name a few. A lot of times this stuff runs in the background and very little evidence is left behind aside from a spike in data. Some measures like streaming at a lower resolution will soften the blow that Netflix deals to you data. 

We really would rather keep you as a customer and try to regain your support. Please send us an email directly at and we will be more than happy to hear you out ,see if there's anything we can do, help figure out why data has been draining so quickly, ect. We really want to help you.
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If you had Wildblue service and upgraded to Exede the coax cable should have been replaced. I fthe old Wildblue cable was used and/or any splicing  old cable to new or even new cable to new that can cause a lot of problems and can be hard to diagnose since it is very intermittent.
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Congestion.... again???  This might cheer you up....  or not.  I won't complain about who benefits from this, just that ViaSat keeps squeezing us at the bottom of the bandwidth totem-pole harder and harder.

The promise of ViaSat-2 is rather shallow as ViaSat has no fixed date to have it launched. ViaSat booked a backup launch that is not firm or even known as to when it may happen.  Perhaps someone at exede will chime in and give us an update about the launch schedule for ViaSat-2.
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Keep an eye on they'll be among the first to know. Should be a quarterly investor call coming up in early November... and all the archived past ones make it fairly clear what the corporate strategy is.       
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I am a 10 year WildBlue customer with a "grandfathered" 10 gig value package.  WildBlue or HughesNet were my only high speed Internet options in my very rural desert area.  WildBlue offered a rolling FAP, better pricing and larger base package than HughesNet at the time.  Had this installed for our small family business so we couldn't tie up our phone lines anymore with Dialup. 

A while back, I thought of trying to upgrade my package to the next larger one but found Wildblue/ Exede customer service said it isn't offered to we "poor outback grandfathered" rural folks anymore. I am conservative with my usage.  No Youtube or only occasional ones.  No streaming or playing MMO games that would eat up bandwidth (besides my Sat Ping is so high it sends players into the walls). 

   According to an Exede customer service person, Exede didn't even cover our area (although their map shows my area as "Classic 5" coverage)  And I, shouldn't exist even on WildBlue.....(flying under the wire with out dated technology, I guess)  Was told  WildBlue customer service will be terminated after the new satellite goes up......WB being too old and out of date.

Despite all this, including the dang Win 10 Anniversary Update/1607 woes......I still like my old WildBlue.   It works for me and not looking forward to having to switch to Exede, just now.  Or a different provider, period
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I personally would defer any switching anyway until after the dust settles on both the upcoming HughesNet and ViaSat launches before moving to what will probably be a new 2 year commitment, and then weigh which is then better suited to your needs.

HughesNet will be first (still has a December date) while ViaSat still with a non-specific early 2016. Then there's some time before they will be made operational.

Once you work off that 30 day rolling FAP you'll be back to "normal" Wildblue service. Happened once to me and was painful to recover from - after that I always took that 80% notification very seriously knowing what would happen at 100%.      
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Thank you Old Labs.  I'll keep your advice in mind. ;)