From very happy for years, to sick of Viasat in one week.

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I decided to "upgrade" to the Bronze package, not realizing what "optmized for 360p" meant. All I can say is much of the time I am trying to watch a Youtube video it ends up buffering briefly while Viasat catches up. This is totally unacceptable. Now instead of watching videos, I'm watching my stream. I was a happy camper for years. Now I'm furious, and am already looking for an alternative to this greedy corporation called Viasat. And after a barrage of email exchanges with tech, I can see they have no clue. Has I known, I'd have never changed my package, which is why when I read the fine print it states that you cannot go back to your previous package. That struck me as odd at the time. And now I know why. My gripe is that if it says I can watch at 360p, it should be flawless, and not force me to drop it to as low as 144p just to "watch". And here I am at 5am typing on a g** d****** forum about it. I have better things to do with my life. I'm rural, and there's no alternative, yet. But there will be. And companies like Viasat are only shooting themselves in the foot. I predict I'm not alone in my frustration. I also predict some tech employee will show up like in my previous post, feigning to want to resolve my issue. The issue isn't on my end. I'm sick of this corporate greed which takes customers for granted. So that's my rant. I had to get it out. I may be a customer, but only because I have no choice. If their plan is to make my life miserable enough to upgrade, they're sorely wrong. Not another dime.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I’m not an employee nor am I here to solve your problem. When you did your research, what do you think 360p would look like?
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He's a Champion because:

He tells it like it is,
He says things the employees of Viasat would love to say but can't.
He's not here to coddle anybody.
He doesn't accept knocks against Viasat that they don't have coming,
He speaks the truth,
He doesn't "Bite the hook" when idiots are soliciting others to join their opinion,
He's been known to be quite helpful for them that seek help without turning their problems into a personal crusade,
He's cool, and most important of all,
He's the nephew of the CEO.  (although he's going to come back and deny that).

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Brandon Fisher   "Um did you read what they said at all? "

Um, I sure did.  " I may be a customer, but only because I have no choice."

Maybe you didn't read what he said.
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James,  I'm surprised you haven't become a Champion yet.  Your previous post shows you deserve to be....

"I know an elderly lady rite now that has plenty of proof. her modem has been unplugged for 6months and when it is checked from the dashboard every month the data is still being used. more people have solid proof than you might think. and her installer is also helping her prove this and the modem is in custodey of the local fbi so that there is no way it can be being used at her residence .and yes they check her dashboard also and see her data has been gone every month even while they had the modem at the local office."

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"He's the nephew of the CEO.  (although he's going to come back and deny that)."

I deny that.
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UPDATE:  they still have her modem and her useage still shows it being used from dashboard so obvesly they have not figured out which customer it is :)