For Evolution Users Unable to Access Web Sites When DAP'd

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There may be some glimmer of hope that they are fixing the problem. In a thread on another forum, ExedeNeil, an engineer with ViaSat is communicationg with users on the issue. You can read his posts for yourself.

Couple of things are making me scratch my head. With all of the posts on this forum discussing this problem, why did Neil have to ask on the other board what is the nature of the problem and what web pages are inaccessible? This has been going on for over two weeks and it wasn't until today that someone  who could work on solving the problem (i.e. Neil the engineer) entered into the picture. Why were Diana and Brad not conveying this information to the engineers? Were the engineers not even made aware of the problem until today?

Since there would appear to be a breakdown in communications inside Exede's organization, in the future how can users with problems get their complaints heard by the proper party? The Exede community board did not work.
 Since this board (Exede community) was many times more active with posts on the problem than the other board, how is it that Neil picked up on the problem on the other board but not here. Why were his coworkers not directing him to this board to see what was going on?

BTW, Exede Diana was active in the thread on the other board as far back as Jan 19. Myself and others who were posting here were also posting over there. Why did it take three weeks for Neil to be brought into the picture? Note: Not blaming Neil here...I am thrilled that he is seemingly taking the bull by the horns!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I made the same assumption based on what I have dealt with and have observed. Welcome to the machine.
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It's all explained here ;)

actually closer to the truth than t may seem...
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Communication always seems to be non-existent in environments like these.  I worked for some place called AOL way back in 2001.  Ever hear of them? America something... I would bet money that AOL was purposefully changing crap around all the time, and fixing things until they were broken in an attempt to get you to call in so they could sell you a subscription to or some other junk.  It was that bad.  Exede is trying to sell you more data that you shouldn't have to buy and a service call package for their own equipment.
The issue there was that there was no actual communication that could be made other than writing up a ticket.  There was an intentional wall that was put up to keep any verbal contact from taking place with the people who could actually make any backend changes.  Similar to here.  And just like at Exede, except for a small group of people that actually know what is going on, mostly everyone else was clueless to beyond what scripted information was showing up on the screen in front of them.

Anyway, I am glad this is finally starting to get worked on.
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In all likliehood all of the previous responses from Exede/Viasat were from a chat bot, programmed to respond with canned answers. In my exchanges I have asked directly if the response was written by a human---no response. You HAVE to get past that wall and get someone on the inside to get any kind of a real answer. Let's hope ExedeNiel is a real person that can actually get something done to resolve this huge issue.
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You should see the canned answer I received. Had nothing to do with my problem
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The folks in question are real people, in fact corporate level employees.

They are few in number and to be quite frank, are more likely to respond to a well thought out, well documented post than a poorly phrased rant or a "I'm going to sue" type of post.

One thing is to start your own topic rather than tag onto another users issue. While it may seem to be related each users issue may not have the same root cause.

If this site has a short-fall it lies on the that too many posts are taken totally private (understandable in that some private details need to be discussed) but in the whole open discussion of general purpose  problems help everyone.

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I clicked on the link to see what Neil said and received this kindly service comment:

"Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here"

I have had posts deleted, been called ignorant, been grumped at by service people, and been misinformed.  7 of 10 contacts with service were useless (one of them read and reread the same exact words no matter what my question was and refused to give me another person).  The other 3 were polite and tried to be helpful, but in the end, only one was.  My time is more valuable than the cost of Exede, so I'm outta here.

They call this a gripe.  No, it is a description of the way Exede treats some of its customers that are having difficulties of one sort or another (usually lost data at extremely fast rates).  I have only complained three times in my life to a company:  Amazon gave me a new camera worth $1500 based on a single email describing the problem; Best Buy canceled a paid service when I explained I could not use it.  Exede, the third, has argued, insulted, and frustrated me with its service,  data usage, and fine print in its contract.

I know there are people out there who always start their messages with I Love Exede.  Sure, some may, but these seem more like Exede plants than real customers.  That Dilbert guy sure hit the Exede nail on the head!

I have a question so don't delete this message as you have done in the past.
Why can't Exede be more helpful to its customers?  We'd like to love you.
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I am on Evolution. I am not in DAP but I have been having a problem with for weeks now. I called Ancestry and went through all of their steps to clear my browser, etc. and none of that helps. They say the problem is most likely with my server, not with their web site. Just now when I tried to log in to my account I received an error message that the server was redirecting the request - try again. No luck with that. After a couple of tries I was eventually able to log in. This type of thing has been happening frequently. I can be on the site and am kicked off repeatedly when I try to access another section of the site. It doesn't matter which browser I use - I clear the cache and cookies, reboot, etc. Lately when I try to work on the site and can stay on there for a short period time without being kicked off  things soon slow down to a crawl. Another thing is that pages may fail to load fully and often I get a spinning wheel on my browser tab that never stops spinning. I have had this happen on other web sites too although I don't usually spend as much time to do work on those sites as I do on therefore it is of less concern. 

To make it clear, I am not even close to DAP when this occurs. I am at 2.9% of my usage now with 5 days to go so things should not be so slow. I have a newer computer, new router so I do not believe either of those are the culprit.

The problem only seems to happen with certain web sites and it certainly appears as though something strange is happening and it is recent. Since I'm not in DAP it doesn't seem as though it is related to the problem others are having but I am now wondering if there are others who are on Exede having problems with Ancestry and could it be.....? A while back I had a problem not being able to access Facebook only when I was using Exede - walked to my neighbor's house with my laptop and the site loaded just fine (he is not on Exede). There were many others here who began to report  having the same problem. I went through weeks of trying to resolve the problem and dealing with tech support people who could not fix it - even had a repairman at my home. It was fixed for me shortly after I had a conversation with a very nice gentleman in the Colorado office but I know others continued to have the problem for a while. Because of that experience I understand the weirdness that can happen when using Exede and now I am wondering if my latest problem is in any way related to the change in Evolution.

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