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I was looking at my usage based on two measurements.
#1 the usage reported by my WD750
#2 the usage reported by the dashboard

my router reports 1.6gb used since the beginning of the cycle. usage was reset to 0
the dashboard reports 3.4 (24% of my plan.

Given that I maxed out last month of my 12gb plan on the last day, I decided to start monitoring my usage closer. 

Now understand that I only use my internet to read email, go to various website and once a week work from home on a VPN for 9-10 hrs. My phones are also set up for wireless. I should also note that my previous usage was at most 5 gbs per month.Both my modem and my ISP report almost identical on my consumption.  So image my surprise when I hit my limit. 

Ok I call customer service to get an understanding of how my usage is being tracked and reported. Her first response was that they track with their "usage meter" and that they my modem was not theirs so I could not use my modems tracker. Ok fine, now tell me how the usage meter tracks the data usage. After some discussion, she put me on hold to find someone who could help me. Well what seemed to be at least 10 minutes later, she came back on and was basically very defensive with her opening response was "like I told you" and proceed to tell me that the usage meter was dependent on what I was doing. So based on her comments if I downloaded movies, i get tracked one way whereas if I'm checking emailing and surfing  I'm tracked another way. Again I asked her how does the system track my usage. Further she basically said that I did not know what I was talking about and I was wrong.  She went on to say that no one was going to argue with me.. I never asked for an argument, just give me the way I'm tracked other than some nonsensical corporate scripting for customer service reps. I will not and do not accept the concept that the Exede tracking program is perfect and without being questioned 

Bottom line, this is no way to treat any customer. If you can not get the answer, find someone who can assist. Exede should be open and transparent in how data usage is tracked. this service agent deserves at best an F-. 

Now insult to injury my 12 gb downloads are running at 5-8 gbs uploading is .6-.8 depending on when I run the test... Ohh this is the test that is on the Exede site, so no pointing the finger at the test saying it's not valid. It would be nice to get what I pay for but I suspect that Exede will tell me its my modem. The same modem that was running everything that  ATT Uverse could trow at it. 

The reason that I came to this ISP is that they were rated at having the best most consistence speeds among the Satellite ISP. Again another disappoint.

I should have know better when I called to get the Liberty plan which the web site I was eligible to get, but when I called the local supplier, no not yet available. 

Done complaing . I will call my local supplier in the morning to see if there is a real answer. 

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  • wish I had gone with another ISP

Posted 5 years ago

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Welcome to our world. Everyone is experiencing the Exede computation of data used being almost double what our tools say we used. Find that suspicious? I say yes! Many have filed complaints because of this with FTC, and FCC.

interesting if Exede finally corrects this issue and becomes a reputable service company, or if they continue to steal from their customers......
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Ben, you have every reason to be frustrated since you got no assistance at all in figuring out why your usage has supposedly jumped when you know of no changes at all on your end that could account for this.  As you said, any customer service rep who is well trained would NEVER say stuff like "I;m not going to argue with you". it really grates on my nerves to hear stuff like that and it didn't even happen to me directly.  It sounds pretty clear that the person you spoke to at Exede had no clue how to answer your questions and that you are more knowledgeable than that person is.  Along with contacting your local supplier, you could try emailing since those customer service reps are much much better.  But I don't know if they can solve your problem either.  But if it were me, I would try contacting exede customer service via email.  However, I think your best bet might to be to do some systematic checks on your own to see if you can track exactly where the jumps in data are occurring, and see if you can figure out where they are coming from.
Here is a quote from an online forum of one person's suggestion about how to start analyzing a sudden unexplained jump in data usage:
"Re: Unexplained High Broadband Data Usage"on ‎15-04-2013 01:16 PM

Hi mthomas20, 

There are a couple of things you can do, the safest (but perhaps not most convenient) would be to perform isolation tests. Take all devices off the home internet and then only allow once device to use the internet for a couple of days before adding another. This should help you to identify which is causing the usage, however I appreciate this may be impractical. 

If you do decide to do the above I strongly suggest attempting to isolate any new devices first, like your son's as he just moved in, or other computers/devices that are using new programs or apps. 

Another option is to install usage monitoring software that allows you to breakdown the outgoing traffic by program, which should help identify the source. I cannot recommend a particular one here but I do suggest that you ensure that it is sourced from a reputable site or business to ensure no issues arise from its use.

Finally, most computer techs are able to help you go through and identify possible causes of usage but likely you will need to pay a fee for this kind of service."
here is a link to the entire discussion which has lots and lots of other comments and suggestions re: unexplained data usage:
In fact, this quote sounds very similar to suggestions made by Knight Rider here on this forum recently in another discussion.  I am using  a non-exede source here just to try to get away from the idea that this kind of problem is unique to Exede because they are somehow trying to steal from customers.

This kind of problem will remain extremely frustrating as long as there are no quick and easy answers as to why people get sudden unexplained jumps in data usage.  As of now, it seems to be up to the customer to do they best they can, given their amount of computer knowledge, to try to figure out exactly WHY their provider says their usage has jumped, when they don't know of any change in how they are using the internet.  So far, when I read about such problems in general, with various broadband providers involved, I don't see anyone suggesting that it must be the provider's fault or that it is often the provider's fault, or that it is some kind of provider fraud being used to steal from the customers. The suggestions given for trying to find the source of the problem seem to always center on focusing on ways for the customer to track and analyze their usage.  I don't see any suggestions so far saying that the provider should be able to tell the customer exactly why their usage jumped.  It would be easier if they could though.
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IT IS A RIP-OFF PERIOD. All usage is based on their calculations by a reeled up modem.
 Hours of trying to trace OUR usage monster, and this less than consumer orientated contract, leads me to believe, this is not in any way a fair or just business. With a better and fair business model Excede could be more successful, but hey, I am just the consumer.  
To jump through massive hoops in order to be online and functional is a grave disgrace that will not be forgiven.
Just to think Excede is in part Wild Blue, which furnishes rural areas with less than ideal service, which is funded in part by the government? Makes me wonder?
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How would Exede be more successful when the have as many or more customers than they have bandwidth for now? I've mostly been happy with Exede and the fact is if it weren't for Exede and Hughsnet (and Exede seems to be the better of the two) a lot of people in rural areas, me included, wouldn't have internet.

The vast odds are the data usage is on your end, it's possible that's it's an Exede problem but that's not the way to bet. There are some tutorials on here about how to lock your data usage down and how to find data leaks.
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Hi David, thank you for your welcomed feedback. We greatly appreciate your business. If there is anything we can do to assist with your Exede services feel free to email us at Thank you 
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Sharon, as I said before, I have no reason to think there is any data usage problem going on with Exede that is  a problem having to do with Exede somehow being a substandard company or an unethical one.  If you google "Problems with mysterious jumps in data usage" you will find links to so many different provider sources that I hope you will see that this is not an exede problem but is in fact a problem that occurs with all providers of metered usage.  Some people will automatically believe they must be being "ripped off" by their provider, that seems to be human nature,  but so far, as David said below, when causes are found for this problem, the "vast majority" of these problems are found to be on the consumer's end.  So far all the articles I have read with suggestions of possible causes/fixes for this problem don't mention any specific ways that providers may be the cause.  If anyone knows of how the problem may be caused by the provider and how to tell for sure if it is the provider, please let me know?  Not being able to figure out how the problem could  be on your end, unfortunately doesn't by itself prove that the fault is on the provider's end.  
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Hello Ben, I apologize you have not had such a great customer experience with Exede. I would be more than happy to review your account details and check your usage categories.  Once we figure out where your data is being consumed, we can find ways to help you enjoy the activities you love.  Please send me an email to with your account and contact information.  

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