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I had the Wildblue/Exede Internet service for a couple of years. I thought the $100 a month for 67 GB was way to high, but I needed internet service and they were the only game in town. 
Over two months ago I moved. I tried to call and cancel my serve before the next billing cycle. As usual, I couldn't get through, so I sent a "Priority" (my word for it) email cancelling my service. About a week later I received a bill for a month's service at that same location that I had moved from. They also indicated that I had to return some equipment or pay for it. I actually thought I had paid for it, but no big deal. They indicated they would send out some boxes and mailing labels to return the stuff.
As far as the bill went, they said no one had read that email until after that coming weekend so that meant that technically I was still a customer for about 3 days into the next billing cycle. I wanted to scream, kill someone, or even kick my cat, but I softly said "OK, pro-rate it and I will pay for those three days. I wouldn't have even thought that the reply I got would have even come from a THIRD OR FOURTH RATE COMPANY! He told me they do NOT prorate and I owed the $100 for the whole month I wasn't even there! I'm really sorry, especially for the guy who has his ear to the phone, but I couldn't help it! I let out a blood curdling scream like those Vikings on that TV show, who were getting ready to kill all the men, women and children in a small village! After that, I took the cell phone I was using, threw it on the ground and started stomping it! Don't believe it! They are not break proof! Then I just forgot it! Let em come after me! They didn't even send the boxes and labels for the equipment! That brings us to today.About two days ago I get a letter, with a bill for $300 and some odd dollars. I don't know the exact amount because I tore the bill into tiny little pieces and spread them to the wind!
I have no idea who reads this, and wouldn't be surprised to get another letter and bill in a month's time! 


AND, there is no way in hell I am going to pay for services that were not performed!
No signal could be received because you told me to take a "transceiver" or whatever off the satellite dish, and their was no receiver either! SEW ME! It might be fun!

Send me the packing material to the SAME ADDRESS YOU SENT THIS STUPID LETTER!
I'll remind you. It is:

By the way, I moved down the road two miles and am getting Direct TV, home phone and unlimited HIGH SPEED INTERNET for $100, and the price is guaranteed in writing for two years.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Butch

First and foremost, I had to quickly remove your personal information. This forum is in NO way tied to your account NOR is it directly contacting Exede. This is however a very open and PUBLIC forum so I removed your personal information because anyone can see it.

Now regarding your situation. Chances are that additional bill you got was for unreturned equipment. I cannot help you with this outside of sending you another box and refunding only AFTER we get our equipment back. This is laid out in the contract and are part of the terms of you getting our service. I can work with you on the other balance. I won't do it on here due to security reasons. You can email me directly at and I or one of my other 2 colleagues that monitor that email will gladly assist you

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Wow Butch! I am so happy for you! I also live in Oklahoma and stumbled upon a wireless internet service yesterday that is $100 per month but provides a guaranteed speed with no limits! I couldn't be more excited. I wonder if it's the same service you are now using. Anyway I'm so excited that in a couple of weeks i get to call Exede and cancel my service - while at the same time telling them how i feel about their product. 1 - 5 Mb per second - yeah right - more like 15 - 25Kb per sec. Again, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Hopefully, one day many more people will have access to good reliable service and be able to get away from satellite.
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I'm sorry you both did not have a good experience with Exede. I wish everyone had what I have. Speeds average 12 to 15 Mbps, sometimes I see had high as 22Mbps. (with the exception of downloading from Origin/EA Games servers, then I see 8 to 9 Mbps but, that's the exception. Rarely congestion does drop me to 5 Mbps but that isn't often, mostly around the Holidays when everyone is using the net to video chat with far away family and, during exam weeks at the college near me that offers online classes and, is on my beam.

Perhaps I'm just one of the few happy customers who come to the forums, or perhaps it's that I've had Viasat service for over a decade and, have learned pretty much all of the tips, tricks and, reasons it might not be what someone expects of it.

I know it wasn't my first couple of months but, I was used to unlimited data, and had to adjust my usage and online habits as well as settings and, get tools to help me manage my usage and still do what is most important to me online.

Would I jump ship for unlimited, if it ever became available to me at a comparable or lower price per month? Sure I would, I'd be a fool not to but, that isn't going to happen here in my lifetime. A few months ago AT&T even stopped providing land line phone service to my road - lines too old and not worth repairing when no one on the road has a land line anymore. We have VOIP or cell phones - assuming we can afford or get a free booster for them.
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Hi Bev--I have always had good luck with Exede. Finally I can get Casair which has unlimited data. Am I going to go to that. No way. The highest download is 5 Mbps. Upload think is 740Mbps. Also They are putting in cable all over the state. So I have feeling that what's going to happenit will end up with congestion. So staying with  Exede. --Have a nice day Bev. I always like your comments.