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I am constantly having PROBLEMS downloading movies and TV episodes. I am paying for 25gb speed. I am sick and tired of getting or receiving speeds of 1gb or EVEN LESS. I implore you to get this fixed. I have been a customer for 5 months now and still are having these ridiculous speeds. PLEASE fix this ASAP. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Unfortunately someone will point out that data and speed are measured in different units though we know what you mean. Someone else will point out a new satellite will change everything in less than a month. Someone else will point out you are getting exactly what you pay for as specified in your contract called “up to speeds”.

I did it all before they could. Doesn’t make your net faster or help though.
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No ISP can or will guarantee connection speeds. Any internet service you may receive will be considered "up to." There are too many different variables when it comes down to how fast the data packets can be sent through the web. 
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I was told by the installer anything under 5mbps you have problems. 1mbps or less  is definitely NOT acceptable no matter how much "congestion" their is. maybe we need to start paying them "up to the bill cost" ?
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check your off peak speeds to see what they are
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I am surprised you can even watch a movie or t.v. show. I canceled six months ago and could never watch a movie. I was paying 158 per mth. Best of luck.
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I am a contract installation technician for WildBlue/exede/ViaSat services as well as an exede customer.
I have a few questions if you don't mind?
First of all, have you rebooted your modem?
You mentioned "gb" (Gigabit) referring to you connection speeds, you do realize that the speed is measured at "Mbps" (Megabits per second) right? I also subscribe to the "up to" 25 Mbps plan. I have noticed painfully slow speeds at times but not often. I use an in-browser speedtest and on average  see anywhere between 15 Mbps - 20+ Mbps usually. Of course depending on time of day, weather, i. e. atmospheric conditions, and how many devices I have using the connection simultaneously.
Another question I have for you is what are you using to measure your internet connection speeds? Also how many internet connected devices do you have using the internet at the same time? Smartphones/tablets, smart TV's or streaming video devices (Roku/Firestick/GoogleTV/AppleTV), etc? Laptop/desktop computers, Xbox/PS?
All of these things I mentioned will affect speedtest results and performance of the internet service.
I am not a ViaSat employee but I am willing to help you. I have installed a few hundred modems over the past several years. I would say I do have a little bit of experience with the service you have.
Thanks and good luck.
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so I have a few questions for you. when seeing 0.26mbps download and 0.46 mbps upload speed and all modem values are green, good signal,ect why would the say a service call would be needed when it is clearly on their end? this has been on going for a few days now so peak time has not affected it. and why would the 2nd modem light blink slowly while the 3rd is steady and Ethernet removed? furthermore why would send and receive blink like crazy with no Ethernet cable plugged in?
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I only have 1 device on and I get 0.24 to 0.46 mbps in the evenings and 1.46 mbps during the day on a good day. Service is horrible and customer service is a joke.
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That is about what my speeds average. So yea, depending on your beam and location that sounds right.
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1 gbps sounds incredible.
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Get used to it. I have same story for over 2 years. Crowded beam means slow speed. But I am getting up to 25mbps when I have 1mbps and they are not concerned about you since you signed contract