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I'm only ten days in to my billing cycle on a 15gb plan and my usage is showing over 90% used? I have been on this plan for several years now and until about two months ago have not had much problem, but the last two months my "usage" has jumped up extensively. Ideas as to what is going on?
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Did you get Windows 10 or leave the KB to download it ?  But hey, don't feel bad.  For 2 years 10 GB was plenty .  Now 15 GBs isn't even enough for us.  What changed? You tell me.
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Yes Ditto. I have been with Wildblue/Exede for over four years,  same usage pattern but the last two months I have exeded my 15 G limit after about only two weeks (No I haven't downloaded window 10 yet). Something has changed and it isn't me!!!!
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I'm beyond my 15 GB quota - gonna limp through to the end of my cycle. Part of this is my fault I opted to download Windows 10. Should've been only 3.2 GB but it seems to be MUCH MORE. It took several hours and my useage jumped from 8.2 to 12.6 - WOW. The irony of my story is that the computer I upgraded to Windows 10 is our kids and they started complaining that they couldn't play any of their games (which are MICROSOFT games). I actually likeded WIndows 10 but am afraid where they are going with it - the Games section showed games like Minecraft, Candy Crush, ... but you had to go to their store to download/activate them - UGH - more bandwidth GONE. Since I had only 30 days to revert back to Windows 7 I pulled the plug on Windows 10. I'm going to wait and see - my next door neighbor was more successful, she's also an Exede customer, and actually likes it. I am afraid that Windows 10 was going in the same direction as AMAZON and somewhat APPLE with ADS, ADS, ADS, their CLOUD, and of course their STORE which will continuously download content to their specific devices. Anyhow my three kids have Kindle Fire HDs - I leave the WiFi off and occasionaly will turn it ON to fix their complaint that an APP wants to download new content or verify their license. Oh yes I can only complain t o my wife - she's always watching videos on Facebook on her IPAD. I keep reminding myself that this is the price we pay for living in a rural area with only a few internet options. I am for the most part a HAPPY Exede customer - but constantly watching/controlling our internet useage.
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Yeah, we can't even get Windows 10 without worrying about the forced updates downloading when they want.. Unless you accept more radio frequency in your house to use wifi and set Windows 10 to metered (and then set the restart time between 12-5) .
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Change your router password in case someone is piggy backing.
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They wont show/give you a daily usage. Are you streaming/gaming?. As I learned over the past year using a 1080p vs 480..1.) doesn't make 'much' difference in clarity and 2.) Watching a 90 min movie @ 1080p use about 10GB...@ 480 it is much, much lower. I still don't understand it completely, though a "champion" on here tried to explain it.  As Brian said change your password on router..but they'd have to be fairly close to make use of it effectively

As for Win 10...I haven't tried yet. But if I were to with Exede. I would do whatever alternative I have. Order DVD from Microsoft or Computer Manufacturer, Go to a friends house that doesn't have data or speed limits...even if I had to drag my computer there. Use the library or another similar source to do it.

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That wont help you if you use wired.  You can't set wired to Metered.  If you love more RF in your house and use wifi, then you can set windows 8 and 10 to metered.  Setting Windows 10 to metered will then allow you to tell the FORCED , I REPEAT: FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED FORCED updates when to download via the restart time.
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There could be a number of reasons why that is: apps running in the background, Windows update (That's been a big surprise one this month), unauthorized access, ect. if you send your information to exedelistens@viasat.com we can take a look into the usage to help determine why you've seen a spike this month. 
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I have all my tablets and computers either turned off or set to airplane mode.  I have not connected to the computer for the last 3 days except after midnight (our free time).  I was at 6.2 gig of use 3 days ago, tonight it is 9.5.    I would like to know how this is possible?  My printer is turned off.  My cell phone is set to cellular only.  My satellite TV (Directv) is not connect to the internet.  My 2 ipads are set to airplane mode.  My 3 Macs are turned off except after midnight.  Where is my data usage going?  

The last time I was on, my usage as showing at 4.9.  1 hour later of only downloading email and browsing the web with no audio or video, I used up 1.3 gigabytes.  

Please tell me how I can be using almost 10 gigabytes in about 7 days of use when I'm not doing a single video or audio and 2 of those days are after midnight?
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Hello TJ, I would be glad to review your account details and check your usage categories so we can figure out where exactly your data is being consumed. Please send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with your account and contact information. Thank you

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