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Are you going to offer your long-term customers first priority to the upgraded capabilities and data limits or is it all going to be first come, first served?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Rich

I believe the current plan would be that all new activations after it goes live will be on the new satellite and we'll probably migrate a few of our busier beams over. That does not mean existing customers won't get the new plans, with that free space you should be able to get the plans regardless what satellite you are on. We'll have more information closer to time
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It would be great if you offered select existing customers a short window to migrate to VS2, include the service call to do so under Easy Care, for a limited time, like 90 days max, then it would count as a new install, new contract and all, after that migration period.

Not everyone, but, select customers on each beam, more on the most congested beams obviously. Later, New Installs could be on either satellite. Put those that want 50 GB or less on VS-1 and those that insist on lots of data and lots of streaming or gamers on VS -2.

Don't arbitrarily put all new customers on VS2, some people only need or want to pay for the minimum now, some just need browsing and email with a couple of videos here and there and, don't care about speed all that much. There will be new customers like that too. Us VS-2 for what it's capable of, for those that demand more that VS-1 can deliver. 

Migrating some of us would make room on VS1 for new customers that want, or can only afford basic packages and, maybe even some sort of incentive deals to get more of the fixed income,  rural residence online.
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It would be very unfair to limit the plans on VS1 and have the larger plans only on VS2 because many of us are not able to get service from VS2 because of its location. Those on the west coast will probably have limited availability because of the very low angle o the satellite, and others, like me, cannot get an unblocked line of sight to VS2 because of geographical issues.
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well i totally agree with bev onto this one and steve onto this one also... but onto my side also... for people that want more data (such as me also) and that want to stream, play video games, and also listen to music should be onto VIASAT-2 and onto from where steve is going onto this one... he is correct. as VIASAT-2 WONT be able to go that far... also it WILL lessen up onto the congested beams and so on... but it SHOULD be most likely EQUAL to EVERYONE NOT just the congested beams... also onto my point of view... i THINK everyone who has easycare SHOULD be the ones and some selected ones SHOULD be the first ones to experince the new VIASAT-2 one :3 also i guess the congested beams also should come into play afterwards... 

the reason being is cause... when there is a congested beam... it uses MORE data... but yet also... IF  yall have certain or selected people or people with easycare SHOULD be able to migrate over to VIASAT-2 and itll lessen up onto the congested beams and so therefore... the people WONT use up there data due to being congested and so fourth... (i dont know if anyone can tell what imma trying to say or not... just thought id put bevs view and steves view AND my view together :3 )
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Right and I just want to reiterate what I was meaning. From my understanding you won't have to migrate to get the new plans when they release as there's been no talk about having to jump on the new satellite as a requirement for the plans. I believe some beams will have some customers migrate over to relieve congestion to make the plans become available  but the same plans will exist regardless of satellite. As for migrations, I'd keep an eye on posts by Alex, as he's usually the one with the ViaSat 2 news items. 
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Yes sir if you don't have a Myexede account get one check it on a weekly basis for upgraded plan and pricing in your area you can upgrade at anytime as long as the package is available on your beam.