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Currently I use Hughesnet and am thinking about switching to exede. Our current plan is $90 a month for 14 GB anytime bytes, which we go through rapidly and end up paying MUCH more than the initial $90 because we have to buy "tokens" (2 GB for $16) to keep our internet working. When we still have the 14 GB of "high speed data" we get a max of 500 kilobytes per second, not even 1 MB. It's slow, very slow. Normally it stays around 150 kilobytes per second, that 500 kb is on a good day. Hughesnet says you can get up to 5 mb/s.
The plan I was looking at for exede is $100 a month for 18 GB of up to 15 mb/s, it already sounds better, and even better than that it has a "liberty pass" which won't cut off our internet and make us pay if we go over, it'll just slow down to what Hughesnet currently offers when we haven't gone over the 14 gigs. It sounds WAY better. Our neighbors use exede (we live in a very rural part of upstate NY) and are able to have and use Netflix, which we can't do with Hughesnet or even attempt to since it generally takes us 10 minutes to load a 3 minute video on YouTube.
I'm not too worried with customer service at this point, so it's no big deal if customer service was a game breaker for you.
What I'm mostly interested in is the "liberty pass" truly an unlimited plan where you just slow down afterwards but don't have to pay extra, or is the slow down so severe you can't stand it (you have to understand that I'm used to 0.2 mb/s on average)?
How's the overall speed? Is it possible to game with (as in Battlefront, ARK, Destiny, ect.)?
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Shannon, I live in the central Southerntier of NY. I have the Liberty 10 Plan. When in priority, I get around 18 to 21 Mbps. When it goes into the Pass mode, I have been getting between 4.8 and 5.1 Mbps, although the week after Christmas it sometimes was down to 2 to 3 Mbps because of all the people and kids being home, and lots of new devices getting their upgrades and downloading software. That should stop on Monday, and speeds go back up to normal.

During Pass it is still very usable, I can watch Netflix and YouTube with no buffering. Game playing, I do not do that, but with Exede or Hughesnet the latency of 600 to 800 milliseconds can be a problem if you want to try to play action games, maybe someone else on here can speak for the gaming.

If I were you, I would start with the Liberty 10 plan. Yes, you will go into the Pass mode sooner, but you should be able to do anything with the 1 to 5 Mbps speeds. You can always upgrade to a higher GB plan if you feel you need it. There are users reporting on both this forum and the Wildblue/Exede worldwide forum that have gone 50 GB and more beyond their priority data with no noticeable slowdowns.

I have had Exede since April 2012 and have had no problems with the service itself, or with customer service. Good luck.