Exede Rocks on Cyber Monday!

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Purchased a 1.8 GB software package on Cyber Monday and downloaded it in 14 minutes!  This would have taken soooo long before I got Exede.  I probably should have waited until LNFZ, but I was too impatient.  :-)
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Jep,
I did a similar download a few days back. The package was like 1001 megs. And I noticed on the Exede meter several hours later, it had only registered about 70% of that size in usage.

I know it might not have had time to get it all (update), but there was a difference, even the next day.

I use the BitMeter OS to monitor ups and downs. Movies and or videos seem to be choked and will fire off in 30 second spurts of a meg or a little less.

Large data files either zipped or ISO's come down the pipe in almost a solid mass with spikes to 3 megs or more, one right after the other.
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Awesome JEP! (:
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Its always great to hear good stuff on here. Its something no one wants to do is tell about the good things, but let one little thing happen and they have to plaster it. Some people can have 364 days of great service, but my goodness, let one day have a issue, and they think it should be a front page issue. Now is the time for all of us join together as one and get along. Kimberly of Exede is awesome. But how many people will take back the bad things they said and Kimberly figured out, normally I am sure it was nothing to begin with. But it wouldn't hurt people to give a few kind words every now and then. I am happy with my service, but as I have mentioned before. I do love cable internet, great speed at a good price. But I can not get it, and after a lot of research, I found Exede to be top notch.

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This is really nice Daniel. Thank you very much as those "few kind words" make all the difference in the world to us as people. Very encouraging for the mods here. (:

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