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Price gouging.. which I thought was illegal... but they have you where they want to because of limited internet in the country.. Someday there will be others and I think they will lose a lot of bushiness from what I've been reading not too many happy customers.. Makes for bad business in the long run. I ran out of internet almost two weeks ago and still have to go until the 12th.. Well didn't run out.. but it is halted to a dial up speed at best. I do not stream movies, Youtube, hardly anything.. yet I've ran out of data.. All I do is FB mostly at best. They better take our money and do something good with it.. because when someone else comes along they might just be out of business. Oh they did give me 3gb free but that lasted a day and a half.. Go figure.. Bad Business.. and you can tell I'm not the only happy camper with this company.. If you want internet then you are at their mercy and that is exactly where I'm at.
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You are wrong! Most customers are satisfied with the product and service Exede provides. Less than 1% of my customers have ever complained about anything. Most customers who come to the forums are having problems -  so a much higher percentage of them are going to be displeased. I believe there are 3 main reasons for unhappy customers: 1)Salespeople often fail to give full disclosure or perhaps even misrepresent what the customer should expect. 2) Poor installations, and 3) Customers often do not do their homework before diving in and do not try to learn how to conserve data. I doubt if we will see anyone spend billions to launch satellites and build the ground infrastructure to compete with ViaSat and Hughes anytime soon. ViaSat/Exede is in the business to make a profit and will charge what the market will bear and what will be competitive in the marketplace. You DO have other choices including moving to the city, overcoming you gaming, video or social media addictions, or spending some time educating yourself on how to live within the inherent limitations of satellite internet. I hope I am not sounding too harsh but I am concerned about people coming to these forums and seeing posts like yours and believing that most customers are having horrible experiences which is far from the truth.
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The only hint you've given as to where your data is going is:
All I do is FB mostly at best.   
That may actually be your problem... in December 2015, Facebook abandoned Flash media in favor of HTML5 media (feel free to click on the link if you doubt that), which can have a dramatic impact on data usage regardless of whether you play videos appearing on Facebook pages or not. Turning off autoplay in your Facebook account doesn't really help depending on your browsers implementation of HTML5. The more troubling attribute of HTML5 video is the preload attribute or lack of one since default browser preload behavior is different for each browser.

The only reliable solution I've found is to utilize Firefox, and install the Flash Control add-on for Firefox (not to be confused with the FlashBlock add-on for Firefox). The Flash Control add-on handles both autoplay and preload for HTML5 and Flash media (the FlashBlock add-on doesn't handle HTML5 media at last check).

Don't test the following link if you're short on data, but anyone doubting this   behavior (we do have a lot of doubting Toms and I've been preaching the gospel of Flash Control and HTML5 for well over a year now since HTML5 started to go mainstream) can verify it and see their browsers behavior by going to:


Despite not being Facebook the behavior there is identical. Depending on your browser's support for HTML5, you'll see anywhere from 8.5 to 34 MB of data used and the videos wont auto play but 1 or more will have preloaded to the tune of the data above (or maybe none if your browser doesn't support HTML5). With Flash Control on Firefox, visiting the page simply consumes 1.82 KB.

Now think of all those videos that appear on everyone's Facebook pages nowadays - it's easy to see where Facebook can rapidly drain your data. You don't have to play them and your data is gone in a flash in many cases (no pun intended) - Zuckerberg could care less about how much of your data he's consuming. If he had to rely on Exede and with his wallet, he could always buy more (pun intended).
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Old Lab,   not just Facebook,   but so many news sites also pre-load video as well as lots of intensive graphics.
I use chrome with flash control, and ad block, and when i site tells me they don't like using adblock,   i back out, and find another source

I also use an extension called flatbook,  which removes a lot of the Facebook garbage
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Exactly, most web sites are moving towards HTML5 for the same reasons Facebook did and were doing so long before Facebook - I first noticed it well over a year and a half ago.

However, I'm curious if Flash Control for Chrome handles HTML5 - it makes no mention of it and it's from a different author. I tried numerous combinations of browsers and despite preference for another browser, only Firefox was consistently reliable with Flash Control for Firefox (a misnomer since it should be Flash/HTML5 Control). It took me far too long to track down the right combination and the landscape may have changed for other browsers since then.

As noted, however, HTML5 preload behavior is browser dependent - some will preload a portion, while others preload the entire video if given a chance. In the test above you need to observe the video controls and timeline at the bottom of the video to observe any preload behavior (or use a traffic monitor).

An ad blocker is also a must for satellite users and should go without saying at this point but still some have failed to get the memo ;) 
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Exede is a greedy monopoly. Exede is like an ugly teenage girl going to an all boys high school. She may be ugly and quite awful, but hey shes the only thing we got.
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Knight,  Get a dictionary and look up "monopoly."
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Yea, Hughsnet would be surprise to learn Exede is a monopoly.
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This was a forum troll. That account and the numerous ones made after have been banned from the forum
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Exede Brad, I assume that you are referring to those post last evening that were made that were very crude and disgusting. Thank you for maintain the integrity of the forum.
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That is correct. We are very sorry for anyone who might have seen the crude and very hateful posts prior to their removal. The individual went as far as mimicking profiles of the moderators of this forum. Keep in mind that official Exede employees are marked as such on the forum and we will not tolerate such messages
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Thank you so much for removing those posts and the persons that posted them. To say the least, I was very shocked that anyone would do such a thing.
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For other that see this, flash block alone is not enough to stop HTML5 but, using the Ublock Origin add on for Firefox and setting it to block large media over 25MB puts a stop to ALL media element over that size loading be it flash, HTML5, pictures, advertisements, whatever. If it is something you need to see, like a button you need to click is embedded in the large media element, you just have to right click to allow large media temporarily for that page.

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