Exede charged be for a plan that was not available in my area

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Exede continued to bill me for 25 Mbps after they made changes in my area that did not allow 25 Mbps.  After checking my download speed I found that it did not exede 8 Mbps.  I thought maybe this is due to heavy traffic so I checked it for three months 30 days apart.  (via cat6 patch and WiFi.  8 Mbps download.  I signed up over a year ago for the 25 Mbps download speed.  I called today and the representative on the phone explained that Exede made a change July 18th that no longer allowed people in my area to receive download speeds more than 12 Mbps.  I was not notified of the change, nor was I billed less because of the change they made without my knowledge. ( 12Mbps is $10 less per month than the 25Mbps according to the Exede website)  Exede also billed me for 14 months worth of rental equipment even though my first billing statement clearly shows I paid the agreed upon $199 up front fee for 24 months of rental equipment.  ($40 of additional cost) It appears to me that Exede is pushing the line regarding FCC rules and is not compliant with Illinois laws.  I have voiced my concerns with both aforementioned parties.  Advice:  Avoid doing business with Exede.  Either the company is purposely misleading or they are incompetent. 
PS I most likely would not have written anything, (I usually just take my money elsewhere and say nothing when disappointed)  but when I read the responses of the Exede trollers I felt that I had to make my experience known.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Interesting, perhaps someone from ViaSat/Exede can explain in detail what the additional monthly charges for the WiFi modem are and whether they would be considered "lease" charges under a prepaid lease arrangement (probably not).

As I understand it, the basic equipment lease is $10 per month (or is it $9.99 not that it matters much). Then, the WiFi Modem is available for $5/month additional on any plan. Then Boost 25 for
speeds up to 25 Mbps available in certain areas for an additional $10/month.

So basically one needs to pony up an additional $15 per month in addition to the equipment lease for the promise of 25 Mbps???  That seems to be a pretty steep price to pay for additional scarce bandwidth that can't currently be guaranteed and is qualified with the ubiquitous "up to" (and what many might consider substandard router functionality) . 

I'm just seeking clarification - alternately perhaps someone with Boost 25 can verify against their itemized bill? I don't have the option available for either due to my circumstances but would like to know for future reference when ViaSat-2 is online (since ViaSat still hasn't clarified whether the new modem will be required to play in the new sandbox or a modem only option will be available).

Closest explanation I've found is at:

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Exede had (at least at the time) the option to pay $199 up front lease payment instead of paying $10 per month lease for the equipment (total cost $240 for the 24 month term) I was interested in saving the $40 so that was the option I took. Exede billing instead applied the $199 toward my monthly bill. Of course since it is auto pay I did not catch it at the time. A representative did promise me a $25 credit on my next bill which I do appreciate, however, this is still $15 short of the additional $40 I will be paying for the full term of the agreement. How long I have only been receiving 8 Mbps download speeds and paying the additional $10 per month for the 25 Mbps I don't know as I was assumed I was receiving what I was paying for monthly. I was told the changes just took effect. I have a hard time believing this explanation because I was not notified I was no longer eligible for the 25Mbps option. I have no doubt I would have been contacted if I failed to pay on time.
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Terry, you  need to send an email to the  moderators at exedelistens@viasat.com explaining this situation you have. Be sure to include your account number and a phone number. There is something about this that does not sound right and needs to be corrected.
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We'll want to take a look at your account. Could you email us at exedelistens@viasat.com?