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Reading a Windows discussion board:

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...Microsoft has created a mirage for users of Windows 10 Home, crafting an illusion of partial control over updates and upgrades, researchers have concluded.

In a paper presented at the Workshop on Usable Security - part of the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium - in San Diego on Feb. 24, researchers from University College London analyzed Windows 10 Home's update and upgrade processes, and the behaviors of experienced users, 93 of whom completed a long survey. The researchers' goal: assess how well the Windows 10 update model fit the needs of users.

"[Windows 10 Home] may give users the impression of having a greater degree of control over restarts than they actually do," Jason Morris, Ingolf Becker and Simon Parkin,said in their paper.

Unlike other versions of Windows 10 - notably Pro and Enterprise - Home does not allow users to defer the constant security updates and twice-a-year feature upgrades. Instead, their PCs automatically download and install the updates and upgrades. Microsoft has couched this behavior, which was a dramatic break with decades of Windows' practice, as critical for securing the OS and keeping it up to date with new features, functionality and technologies.

At the same time, Microsoft uses this compulsory practice to ensure there are millions of users serving as de facto quality control testers....

More in this thread for the windows nerds here:
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hmmm... To be comepletely honest. I'd would love to have Linux installed onto my Laptop. The main reason being is, because you can do a whole lot of cool beans stuff with Linux.

With Windows, ehhhhh meh.... I couldnt care less about windows. Ill only use it if i need to do some downloading and stuff. Thats about it. Then i turn it off and it wont be touched for a couple of weeks to 1-2 months. I usually use my iPad or cell phone to communicate with one another or watch anime or youtube.
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I think most Windows 10 Home users are aware of the updates and know that data is being used for such.  Most, not all.   

What they may not be aware of, however, is Delivery Optimization.  That's a big problem.  
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I run Pro and I think pro is crappy too!
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Do you have it locked down, update wise?  As in you controlling the updates?  

Or do you just mean Windows 10 in general?  
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I used to get really annoyed with win 10 updating all the time and no way to stop them till i finally figured out how to turn them off and keep them off for good and i havent had a update since last year sometime its nice to block them all for good 
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You do realize that some of the updates are security updates, right?  It's not good to stop them altogether.  If a "hole" is found and a fix it put out, but you don't update to get it, you're vulnerable to exploitation via that "hole".