Why am I on data restriction?

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why am I in data restriction??!!! I have had exede internet with the same plan since July of 2014 and only in the last couple of months have you put me in data restriction! Nothing has changed on my end!!!!! I do not stream anything live or watch videos. I only pay my bills online and check my messages and look at facebook for a little while at night. So why after more than a year, have you suddenly started saying that I have used up my data???
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Posted 4 years ago

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After being on the phone with them for an hour, I was told about all these downloads and software updates that I KNOW for a FACT didn't download until after midnight during the "free" hours... pretty sure I'm getting screwed... even though I ALREADY spend about $170 a month.. it's getting insane.
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That is crazy! And no I never downloaded the Windows 10. I do very little downloading of anything.
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Shelia, the default settings for windows update, including the huge update to Windows 10 is for Windows to download the upload whenever it feels like it, you only chose when and if to install it.  So, unless you've changed your windows update settings from their default, windows 10 DID download (if you are on a compatible system), as well as countless other updates microsoft considers "important."
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Shelia Nutt

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I have an older computer and it is not compatible for the Windows 10 download.
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I think I have found the problem. I found an article someone posted about Apple Icloud. Shut down everything dealing with the Apple iCloud program. It constantly uses data in the background without your knowledge. I closed everything down on our iPhones and our PCs and now we're back to normal usage, for now.....
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thank you, i will try that!
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Hello Shelia, 

Sorry to hear about your data restriction, throughout many accounts I have recently reviewed due to sudden change in data there appears to be a few categories that are consuming data unsuspectingly. The top three I’ve seen have been Storage, Communication, and Updates. Please send me your account and contact info to exedelistens@viasat.com, I would be happy to take a look at your account to check your usage categories and figure what could possibly be consuming your data abruptly. Thank you 
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Sheila I have been an Elite Dealer for Exede and I can assure you that no one is trying to take advantage of you.  You would be amazed at the amount of data and updates that run in the background on ALL your devices, that you don't even use.  I was going through my phone this week trying to free up some space and one app I found was called Baby Cry Detector.  It was part of the phones core systems and I could not remove it, yet it was still doing updates even though I never knew it was there or even used it.

I have seen a lot of apps and software updates lately that are pushing our customers data limit beyond what their normal is.  And, as more and more devices and apps are added to your Exede network, your data is going to increase.  If no one has done a data analysis for you yet, please send me an email to david@lakecountrysat.com and I will be happy to send you a detailed report of where and when your data is being used.  I will need either the phone number associated with your account or the MAC address located on the bottom of your modem.  I will be happy to send you all the data I can along with my recommendations.

We are here for you and ready to help take the mystery out of where your data is going.  By the way, coming soon, when you go to my.exede.net and  login to your accounts dashboard, you too will have this data.  They are working on making this same information available to our customers.

Let us know how we can help!

David R Varner is an Elite Dealer for Exede, and a member of the Dealer Advisory Council to ViaSat, and not an employee.  Here to help everyone.
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thank you
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I am with Sheila. This invisible data use is insane. I am ten days into the new billing cycle and already at over 70%. This began happening with regularity several months back. I swear exede is metering data differently than they used to and I also swear they throttle the speeds after something or someone supposedly uses a big chunk of data. The last two mornings, I have logged on to the computer to see the message of no internet connection. I have to reset the modem and router to get it to work at all and it still shows a yellow warning on my internet indicator on the computer. Frankly I have had it with tech support telling me to monitor my data on that worthless usage meter. Mark me as officially fed up with this service.
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If you got yellow warning on your internet indicator could be something wrong with your equipment.  I would send letter to   exedelistens@viasat.com with account and contact information if you can get your internet working for even few minutes.
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By the yellow warning indicator. I assume you mean the Network Connection Status Indicator if using Windows. It's notoriously inaccurate (not to mention buggy) and all it really indicates is that connectivity could not be established to:


Those technically inclined can read more about it at: 


But much of the time when the warning is being displayed it means nothing and the only way to determine if internet access is really available is to try other sites.

As noted above, send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com along with your account and contact information. They'll be able to provide a very general  breakdown of your usage while at the same time determine if there are some installation issues that may warrant a service call.

Barring an installation problem, the general breakdown is only a starting point for determining where your data is going. Specific recommendations to curb unwanted usage vary by operating system and version, browser you're using and even router and model number. Provide those and there are any number of individuals here who can offer recommendations for your specific circumstances.

It's not so much what you are doing but rather what's being done on your behalf (primarily by your operating system, browser and applications.