Data Draining. Very Upset

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Official Response
Hello Samantha

I had to remove some of the commentary and change the topic as that was a violation of our forum guidelines and rules but since this has so much constructive dialog I wanted to keep this post up. For more information on our rules and why I did this, please visit this thread:

To give an employee response to your concerns I think the best route to go is to email us directly at That will get you in touch with either myself or one of my coworkers in the corporate office. By doing this we can review your account and should a rare case of data usage being incorrect come up we can investigate further. Of the many many countless cases of data reporting concerns 9 out of 10 times (not even that close) we find that the reporting is accurate nearly every time. But on those ULTRA rare occasions we have taken action to investigate the issue on our end to fix the problem. I think a big issue for this to come up so often is that the internet evolved to cater more in the direction of those with Cable or DSL. Simple websites are embedded with video, ads and flash and use FAR more data than one would expect. Same can be said about app updates (most of the time they update with little to no noticeable change but easily eats data)

If you email us what we CAN do is review the data, we can see what types of things are using up your data, how many devices are on your connection and we can see roughly when usage is the highest. If in the extremely rare case it's reporting inaccurately we'll take measures to fix it. If worst comes to worst we can even work on a exit if you're unhappy with the service if warranted.

What we WON'T be able to do is see anything beyond the current and previous month, we can't tell you what device is using the most data, what sites are pulling the most data, if any programs are running that is eating away at data and so on as that's a huge privacy concern. However some programs mentioned in this thread may give you what you want as far as detailed reporting goes. 

Looking forward to your email.