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Viasat should be bought out by Amazon or Ebay where customer service rules. No Email notification on shipping of Modems for new unlimited plan? Outrageous in todays environment. In addtition it sure seems like the customer service reps are trained to speak quickly and garbled so that you give up. As Jerry Seinfeld said "the easy part is taking the reservation...the hard part is keeping it!" I would be happy if I could always get 5 Mbps and be able to watch streaming content even at Ultra LOW Definition!
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  • getting the run around

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You’ve apparently never had an issue using eBay. They will point to PayPal and PayPal points to eBay until you give up.

Agree though about ViaSat lacking customer service equivalent to the size of the business.

This is why I say residential internet is a hobby for this company. Government contracts and big business is their priority. I wonder if the military gets the call center we do? Yea, we ain’t the priority.

5Mbps floor to shoot for would be ideal. Running sub 1 is a joke no matter how congested. If you can’t guarantee some floor per beam, you’ve oversold the beam.
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Customer Service, Directv, after getting thru the sorry automated games, CS use to be pretty good.  But since ATT took over no matter what your answers are your given to somebody at least 10,000 miles from this country to answer your question.  And no matter what the issue is they try to get you to get some upgrade, even if it is free, because it comes with a contract.

Fortunately Directv's equipment, TV service is very good to excellent without real issues, really nothing that a reboot of the system every now and then, won't fix.

But if they are trying to get you not to call in they are definitely doing a good.

Outsourcing CS is the trend for these companies and it leads to no help and frustration.

Now on the other hand, if you have Directv (assurion) Warranty plan you do get excellent service, you are talking to somebody a few states away and things get handled pronto, great service.

Viasat, Sirus, ATT Directv could take some pointers from Verizon, or Apple Care, which are both excellent.  They both have their service in the States, take pride and ownership of your issue and the reps are trained and have been  able to answer the questions and fix issues if necessary.
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  • Offshoring Good Jobs – Verizon has already contracted out work to more than 5,000 employees in the Philippines, Mexico, the Dominican Republican and other overseas locations. These offshore workers handle customer service calls originating in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. Verizon wants to increase the number of calls — and jobs — that are transferred overseas.
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Lets build a wall!
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My reply concerning Verizon and Apple is based solely on my personal experience Always havegot ten excellent service and it was from a stateside rep.