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Thanks (NOT!) for making it more difficult to keep track of our usage - what happened to the up/down breakdown? If you're not going to make it useful, then why break it for those of us who have found workable ways to monitor our usage (Satellite Restriction Tracker is what I WAS using)?
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I have to agree with this for the following reasons:

1) there was no email alert from Excede warning us that our old accounts would be DELETED and that we would need to set up new accounts. (email accounts with Google have not been deleted ... whew!)
2) the old usage tracker was woefully inaccurate as it took 24 hours or more to reflect accurate usage and the new one is exactly the same with different graphics. ...??? really??
3) I get a very, very accurate result from my router as it tells me when there is "modem looping issue" occurring. ( hey Excede! You gonna argue with my router? it knows exactly how much data is going up and down through it.)

For more info, see this:

Stuff they don't tell you(misaligned antenna):

Software bugs:

More on "modem looping issues" (yes, Verizon and other DSL companies have the similar problems) :,15794244?hilite=fast+path

Some background knowledge:

Satellite Restriction Tracker will be updated with the new protocols soon enough. RealityRipple also has an online tracker that will keep track of data usage even when you are not online, but it will cost  $ 15 per year.  Link here:

As an alternative you can look into this:

It is free to use too.
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There are some great 3rd party apps that work great with monitoring data usage


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I have tomato firmware on my old linksys router. It provides my usage hourly, daily, and monthly. It monitors only what I use to the modem. It also provided bandwidth limiting. This allows me to use netflix in a much more compressed mode. This works great! Why they have to put me through so much trouble to sign up all over again, I don't understand. Satellite internet providers always seem to have very poor web sites.
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I agree that breaking SRT is a bummer but, that will be fixed soon enough. I do like that viewing the bill and, all of account management is in one place now but, there is a lot of room for improvement on the usage meter.

The snapshot is fine but, when we click the detail page for usage we should be able to see what time usage was reported (a graph or chart is fine), if it way upload or download and, if the LNFZ is active or not. Now that would be a useful meter.
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Thank you all for sharing. We always appreciate customer suggestions and feedback. This is exactly the type of information that we pull ways to improve our service or the sites from so thank you for voicing your opinions. The new site is a learning curve for all of us and if you guys have any questions about it or need help with it, please don't hesitate to contact myself or a member of our team by sending an email to We can work through this unexplored territory together. Exede Kimberly
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More data on Excede's satellite Viasat-1:

a little background: and

and some truth:

ViaSat’s Exede service reported 620,000 subscribers as of Jan. 3. [2014]

Dankberg said nearly 500,000 of these customers were loaded onto the
company’s high-capacity ViaSat-1 satellite, which is about half of the total subscriber count ViaSat said the spacecraft could accommodate without a decline in service." -source

So, the Viasat-1 satellite is at half capacity, ... and there is a second satellite that will be launched in mid 2016. Viasat-2 will offer 2.5 times the capacity of Viasat-1.

"Satellite broadband services and hardware provider ViaSat Inc. on May 16 announced that its $625 million ViaSat-2 Ka-band satellite system will use a Boeing-built satellite employing a design that has never been seen before...

...In a conference call with investors, ViaSat Chief Executive Mark D. Dankberg said ViaSat-2, to be launched in mid-2016, will not just be a more powerful version of the 140-gigabit-per-second ViaSat-1, which is ViaSat’s principal source of consumer satellite broadband revenue..."


  • ViaSat-2 will cover all of North America, Central America and the Caribbean, with coverage including the U.S. East Coast seaboard commercial air routes and the main air and maritime routes between North America and Europe. The coverage area is seven times the size of ViaSat-1’s coverage.
  • Because of its radically different design, ViaSat-2’s throughput is not easily measured in gigabits per second. Dankberg said that it would offer 2.5 times the capacity of ViaSat-1 in the sense that it can serve 2.5 million customers at today’s ViaSat Exede 12 service level, or the same 1 million customers that ViaSat-1 can support at 2.5 times the bandwidth.


Sometimes changes are good and sometimes they are bad. To illustrate: We used MagicJack Plus for 2 years on the Excede 12 service without any trouble, that is, until the device broke. They replaced it, for free, with their new MagicJack 2014 version. After installing it, it never worked right. There is no phone number to call them, only a 'Live chat" to contact customer service. They were less than helpful. When they discovered that we were using their VOIP service over satellite internet, the refused to support it. We switched to Excede Voice. 

With Excede Voice, we have had no problems, far.

I am not trying to be negative about Excede as I think it is a "top-of-the-line" service. There is no faster satellite based internet service available today than Excede-12. And you can talk to a live person!

The 15gb a month plan is the most cost effective value at $80, and with Excede Voice it comes to $122 a month. That is good, that is very good.

What I don't like is being made to feel like it is all my fault when the modem erroneously reports an overage in data usage. I know how much data I am calling for and how much I am posting, and I know how big the files are, but when the numbers don't add up, I want to know why.

I need an accurate breakdown of uploads and downloads. I need to know when the peak usage is. I need to know when large amounts of data are used and when very little data is used. And most of all, I need a report on data packet errors.

I do not need Customer Service telling me that their meter is accurate when it takes up to 24 hours to show current data usage. This is patently false as the data monitors are updated to the millisecond and occasionally CRC errors do occur. If the modem receives bad data packets, it will ask them to be resent, so a file that might only be a few hundred megabytes in actual size, gets reported as being much larger. 

That bad data should be subtracted from the total data used, why can't you do that?

Also, I do not need email notices on the last 2 days of the cycle telling me that, "oh no!, I have used 75% of my data limit and must slow down!" No, I think that I have paid for the WHOLE 15gb and I am entitled to use it, ...ALL of it.

I check my usage several times a day and use third party monitors to keep track of the usage. I need to just click on an application that immediately gives me a report on CURRENT usage. I do not need to stop what I am working on, log-in to an account page, find an old data usage report, and then go back to what I am working on.

With this knowledge, you should be able to cut the customer's a break, especially since the freaking satellite is at half capacity in bandwidth, ...and in two years, there will be 2.5 times more bandwidth available on a second satellite. At the current rate of customer growth, you will have plenty of bandwidth available even for peak usage times.

Those are my suggestions. Just remember, the customers are your bread and butter, do not treat them like they are trying to rip you off.

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