can i use exede if i work from home?

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I just got a new job with apple that is work from home and i need to know if exede will be a good fit for me. Please help!!!
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Posted 5 years ago

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 If you have a lot of files to upload or download, I would have to say no, because of the whole data limit thing. Also Excede can run slow sometimes and that my interfere with your daily business. For a job like yours I would go with cable if it available. Most of Excede's customers are in rual ares where cable is not available so we have to use Excede. For a home it isn't all that bad once you get used to the data limits. Good luck!
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I will be truthful, I do a lot of business from home, sending out a lot of emails, with large attachments. I deal in investment properties, a property manager and have my own rentals. I keep everything in a draft until the free zone so I can send them out then. If I am trying to make an investment and needing to get information to a lending institution right now, I find that I go over my limit easily. So if you are planning to hook up computer to computer, upload or down load files, I would say no. Another thing to remember is snow, rain, even if not it your area can interfere with your connections. Not good for a new job to tell them your system was down. I would if you can, get something hard wire. You might be a lot like me and have no choice but go with satellite, well the exede is a good company. It is costly, Another trick I do, with a lot of forms that I use, I upload them into a drop box, on Ask me and I will send you a link, that will give me 5 more gigs of storage with the for free. Then when you have a file, and a link address, all you have to do is give the address to you client and they will only see that file that you give them a link too. You could also store drivers that is used a lot, and just keep a list of the address for each file. Its all free, you can upgrade and have more security only allowing certain people view or download a file. But the regular service does me fine. The only file they will see is the one you give them the address for and allow them to download on their time. If you want it to be a one time only, move that file to a new file folder and delete the old one and they will not be able to get back into the account again. The address number you gave them will come up with a restricted message. I do all my uploading to dropbox after midnight. You can also get a file manager from and program it to do the stuff for you after mid night, all you have to do is keep your computer one. Remember if you find this helps, please let me know so I can send you a link, so I can get credit for it. If I can help any more please do not be afraid to ask. But I am just warning you, its not unlimited service, so if you have to do chats, upload to customers, do peer to peer, its going to cost you. Once you go over your limit and your speed is cut to just about nothing, you will be hurting. But normal surfing and just a standard email, I do great, my service is normally great, unless the weather is really bad. Customer service, depending on who you talk with. They as any business have good and bad. Good luck with you new job and I hope I have helped you.
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Thank you both very much and Daniel I would love that link if you don't mind. I will be working 4 hours a day 3 days a week and one 8 hour weekend shift and will have to take calls through the computer system. Do either of you know another satellite company that may fit my needs? In my area satellite is all I can receive. :(
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Noel, Only options you have are hughesnet, dishnet, or Exede.   HughesNet plans are 10mb down and 1mb up with different amounts of data unless you get there like $90 plan which is 15down and 2mb up (according to there website).  With Exede there plans say 12down and 3up which doing off peek hours you can see upwards of 20mb down and 3-5mb upload.  DishNet is slower then both if i remember correctly.  Difference with Exede and HughesNet, Exede has LNFZ which means from midnight to 5am data is free and wont count toward your monthly amount.  Hughesnet has overnight limits running from 2am - 8am with set caps.
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Exede has unlimited data now $100, a month
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Hi Carolina, good luck on your new job with Apple! In reference to using our service with your new career it may not be suitable if you have to do allot of upload or download of files or if you have to access sites or programs on a daily which require substantial data consumptions. For more information concerning if our service is right for you please feel free to shoot me an email at and please reference this comment .Thank you -Exede Lindsey
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Another issue is VPN, virtual private networking, which many companies require for their employees to log in to the company network. I don't use VPN, so don't know how that works on Exede. 

I can tell you that secure connections (HTTPS) are greatly slowed down by the latency inherent in satellite. My POP email service requires a secure connection, and I find it slows downloads of email by at least a factor of 10. Secure connections require a lot of back and forth between the server and the client for each email message transferred. I find that my email connection is about as slow as dialup.

Another option is the Exede Evolution plan, which doesn't meter simple web browsing or emails (if they don't have attachments larger than 25MB). It also has an early riser free zone from 3AM to 8AM where nothing is metered. 

Also keep in mind that Viasat, Exede's parent company, has a new satellite in the works that will greatly increase capacity and will probably result in increased data caps.  This is of course speculation on my part, and I don't know when the new satellite is expected to be online.
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Welp, this is a two and a half year old thread!  Locking it.

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