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I thought all the other reviews about service being great in the beginning and getting worse over time was exaggerated so I went ahead and got the internet & voice service.  At first, everything was great and worked perfectly.  Then a few months in, my data would be all used up within a week of resetting.  After calling several times and waisting countless hours nothing was changed. They started naming different devices that were using the data.  Guess what, none of them were my devices.  They were Apple devices but, there is not one Apple device in this house (and never will be).  Then they tried saying that it must be my neighbors using it.  Well guess what.  I live in the country and don't have any neighbors and my router has a 27 digit password that I change every month.  They were not budging even though they were completely wrong.

A couple months later, the speeds are back to dial-up days even before using all the data and liberty pass.  Now I started counting down the days until my contract was up and could cancel.

That plan all changed once my modem quit working.  Going to modem install page ( shows that everything was working and had green check mark except for modem.  I called and spoke with Tech Support.  All they wanted to do was to send a technician out.  I explained several times that I can handle unplugging a modem and plugging in a new one without the need for a service tech (I install/troubleshoot commercial/industrial automation systems, not that a shoe salesman couldn't unplug/plug a modem).

After checking with supervisor, they agreed to send me a replacement modem.  Awesome, except they only one they would send me was the updated one with built-in Wifi, which according to them, I had to update my plan and get more data.  They could not explain to me why a modem would only work with a certain amount of data plan.  This is a complete lie!  Then I said I don't want that and to please send me the current modem I have.  They said that the only way to get that modem to me was by sending a service tech.  I spoke with the manager and she stuck to her guns. 

I would either have to buy a bigger sized data plan and have them send me a replacement modem, OR I could pay to have a service tech come out and plug in a new modem.  Either way, the equipment that I am RENTING was going to cost more money that was it was worth.  I have 6 months left on my contract and it cost $90 to cancel it.  Done.  Canceling was the cheapest option.  After the last 18 months experience that I have had with Exede, I would never, ever recommend them to anyone and couldn't be happier to be rid of them.  

I have the reps worker numbers and was going to post them here, but I am sure that they are following company policy and just reading off a list of what to say.  Once I got to the customer support manager and asked for her supervisor, she said that she reports to the head office.  When I asked for that phone number, all she could say was that the only communication that she has with supervisor was through email.  No name or phone number and wouldn't give me email address.  I didn't cancel that day because I had to port phone number elsewhere, but the minute I get the email saying that is done, the cancel order will go though.  

Hopefully this helps prevent someone else from getting nailed by this company.  Everything was great at first, but service just kept getting worse and worse.  Customer service is the worst of any company that I have dealt with in the last 35 years.  And just for the record, I came from a Verizon Wireless hotspot with 5 gig/month hard limit.  Not once did we go over that limit throughout 5 years.  We switch to Exede, without adding any devices or changing any surfing habits and that amount of data is used up within days (sometime hours) of being reset.

Best of luck to anyone getting stuck with this company!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have been "stuck" with Exede since April 2012, and with Wildblue from April 2008 until I switched to Exede and have had nothing but great service. I had a modem fail a few years back, but Exede sent a tech out and replaced the modem at no charge, and repointed the dish a little to improve my signal strength. I also have EasyCare, which takes  care of those service calls when they are needed.

You may be having low speeds because of heavy traffic on your beam. I am fortunate to be on a beam that is not overloaded, and have good data speeds.

Sorry you are not happy with Exede. Maybe you are lucky enough to get internet service elsewhere, but I have only two choices, both satellite provided, with no option for cell or broadband from a ground based system.

You may find that a service call would take care of your low speeds, as you may have a problem with the tria, cable or dish alignment, but it sounds like you do not want to get any professional help.
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I agree, have a service call. It may not be the modem at all, even though it may LOOK like it is form both your end and, Exede's end. Mine did that, even Exede thought it was the modem. Turns out it was actually a combination of a pin hole in the cable and, a problem with the TRIA, not the modem at all. Of course the technician fixed that, also fine tuned my dish alignment and, checked everything, modem included.
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Hi sokraski1,  I want to make sure that we do everything possible to provide you with an amazing experience here at ViaSat. I would love to assist with this issue.  I'm sorry if you feel we have not provided you with great service.   Please send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com and include your account and contact information.  After a review we can determine what the next steps should be.