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I have  had exede for almost a year now. Like others, my speed went down from over 25 when i was on my old plan to 5-17 since i went to the unlimited plan. I was wondering why my Directv always buffers on my TV  but doesnt on my PC. Thanks for any help. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Could be distance from router. I’ve seen another post where Roku wasn’t connecting well but everything else did fine. What’s your setup?
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I assume you mean streaming via the DTV receiver VS streaming via either the free DTV website or, DTV Now service.

I also assume you have the receiver set to use 1080 resolution whenever possible. The web based DTV reads your speed and can compensate, the receiver can't it simply tries to stream in 1080. It should be giving you a notice that the On Demand show you choose will not playback smoothly, and offering to record it for later viewing. (unless you don't have a DVR receiver, then it will just buffer.)

The alternative is to reduce the resolution in the receiver settings, but that reduces it for ALL TV, live broadcast, streaming, PPV, all of it even if it doesn't need the internet.
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Directv is pure crap is the issue. I am assuming you do not currently have the newer directv server-like genie 2 system. It's a whole lot less advanced than the average set OTT system like Roku. Pretty much as Bev explains. Assuming you are using a DVR you can usethe watch later function and choose the option marked fastest download. Give it about 5 minutes to download ad you can start watching it depending on your data plan. Or you can upgrade your Directv equipment.
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It is actually DTVnow service. Sorry i was not clear on that. Hulu, Netflix, amazon all seem to work without buffering on the TV. DTV now buffers
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Check if there's a way to set/force the DirecTV Now service for a lower quality for the TV - it may be a case that it doesn't automatically adapt to the lower speed being forced by the "unlimited" plan - specifically Exede may be throttling to the 480P speed while DirecTV Now is delivering at a 720P or 1080P speed.  There should be some quality settings somewhere. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon are likely more "adaptive" automatically. Perhaps someone having DirecTV Now can be more specific with regard to instructions...

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Maybe someone knows how on DTVnow, i dont see an option to force it lower. Thanks for the help Old Labs and others.
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Doing a Google search indicates that you can not change the resolution on DTVnow.  This link tries to help with the issue, but doesn't say anything about
lowering the res.

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I have Directv Sunday Ticket Mobile. I have found no way to lower the resolution and get it to stream correctly on Exede.

Conversely, the same NFL streams can be found on Reddit and I have found those streams typically do allow one to lower the resolution. They then work fine on Exede.