Bring back EVOLUTION 15 GB plan!

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Bring back the EVOLUTION 15 GB plan!!
Email & unlimited web access is great; don't mind the free usage time of 3am - 8 am ---- but 5 GB doesn't cut it!
I want the plan I originally came on board with when I signed on with Exede in Oct 2014!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Ben Jumper

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5 GB doesn't cut it!

I WISH I could get free usage time in NC at 28748.

I would switch to Exede today!  

Best regards,

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Diana, Viasat Employee

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Hi Ben, Please continue to visist our website for availablility. Thank you for considering us.  
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Ann Ketchum Kuehnel

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I have not seen any unlimited. Is it going to be available?
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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Hello Babs, 
There might be a possibility that we transitioned your area to our new Liberty plans. Please email us at or by phone at  855-463-9333 and we can check for you
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Ben Jumper

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I don't understand how a Liberty Plan helps.

I have been told that a free zone; 3am - 8 am  does not exist in plans available at 28748 (Liberty 12).

Will it soon? Anytime? LIke I said above, I would switch to Exede today! because I have that now with another company and it helps a lot with data usage and W7 updates, software downloads, etc.

Best regards,

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Knight Rider

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With the liberty plans (if your not using like 100GB a month during the free zone) when you run out of data you get the pass portion of the plan which in most cases still gives you the same speeds as usual but could drop your speeds to 3Mbps should there be heavy traffic at that time (like if you are browsing the web during prime time 5-8pm).  Over all though as long as you are not trying to use tons and tons of data on the liberty pass you should have no issues downloading updates here and there and still being able to browse the web with no issues.
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Ben Jumper

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Hmmm.. I have read here that slows get a LOT slower - like 1 Mbps - during those heavy periods; TRUE?

Best regards,

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Jacqueline Tierney

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It may depend on which beam you are in, but on my plan the slowest speeds I have recorded so far on Liberty Pass is about 2.5 mbps which is still fast enough to browse and stream videos, and that was during prime time, during the day we usually see speeds near 10 or higher.  It works really well for us, much happier with Liberty Pass than we were with Evolution.
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Alex, Viasat Corporate Communications

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You can read more about Liberty plans and watch a short video about how the Liberty Pass works here. The performance while on Liberty Pass (if you go over your regular or 'priority' data) will depend  a lot on local traffic in that beam as well as the time of day (slower at night, faster in the daytime). The nice thing about it, compared to a plan with a Free Zone, is that you're not limited to a certain time of day, and many customers find the 'softer' cap works really well for them. Overall it's a better plan than Evolution.
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Merle Jennings

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The website you have directed us to also says this "The Essential 10 plan, which is also offered in Liberty Plan areas, does have a Free Zone from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily," So does this mean Although my zip code 47150 offers only the Liberty plans I can still get the Essential 10 in my area too. My local installer seems to want to avoid this question.
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Old Labs (VS1-329-L12FZ)

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I doubt it, that link seems to reflect the initial rollout of Liberty Plans which did include Essential 10 as an option.

Looks to me like the free zone plans are being gradually phased out - I suspect Liberty may be the only future for all eventually. The problem with free stuff is that eventually you run out of it but it's good while it lasts.

When beam capacity is reached, it can't be increased and the only option becomes applying quality of service measures based on prioritization. My only real knock against Liberty (if you want to call it that) is that there's no user control over when priority data is applied - I'd much prefer to reserve it for work use rather than play but as it stands it's now an all or nothing approach - but a moot point since it's not available on my beam.

But since this thread has now been tagged as planned, it's clear that some changes are on the horizon and have been hinted at elsewhere - as Viasat attempts to bleed more out of that stone in the sky until they can toss another up there.

P.S. Send an email to along with your account and contact information to see if Essential 10 may be available despite what the web site may say.