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I have been scanning though all the post about new plans, with excitement and joy, but I will also say I have been seeing a trend as well..

I have been an online gamer for way longer that I have been on Satellite Internet subscriber..  Here is my take.. first, I am really on the edge of my seat too, I want my new plans..  However, on things like release dates, companies really need to be very careful as to what they post, cause their clients desire to believe every printed word..  So, Viasat should have never said ""Early"" and in a way, maybe they should have just said coming soon..  

Also, as much as I would just love to be choosing a new plan for myself, it is not going to help anyone to badger the reps, they have a job to do, and if they are told what to say or not to say, and if we badger them, you are only putting a person that has no control in a situation that they cannot do anything about..

So maybe like a few other have suggested..  let us just breath, be polite and let them assist when they can..
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Fair points. However - shouldn't companies be held to account when falling short of expectations? Also, many of us bend over backwards to share our impressions of service, plan offerings, etc politely and also with clarity. I think that's perfectly okay and a big part of the value equation which parties on both sides of the agreement (Viasat, their customers) derive from this forum.

So, I agree with you - with qualifiers! :)
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Sounds good enough.  The Viasat Social Media Team should never be seen as information "Hold-outs."  That puts them in a position of needing to be more patient with us than us with them, and such is just not fair to put them in that situation.  The breaking news will come when it's time comes.
Let's don't discourage these fine people, they have been very good to us.
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I guess that also working in customer service, my point again would just be, the reps do not have the power, they are there to help. I certainly believe that you should hold a company accountable. I think my point is, that if you have something, just remember to pass it along and let it flow through the right channels. Agents that are there to assist, are not he ones to make any changes, they can only report. 

Plus, if one is a diligent on the boards, that is by your choice, and it is greatly appreciated, I would just remember that if you are doing something out of a need or desire to help, you can equally show respect when it is one self that is frustrated. 

I would like to say, I am not really pointing fingers, just saying there are some people that are working to help, and making their day worse is not going to help.. but certainly send your frustrations and complaints to those that are meant to handle and pass them on.. 

((Any of the your or you's in in general, not really stating anyone specifically..)) 
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We also need to remember the antenna issue.
Potential loss or risk to capacity may be causing plan offerings to be reevaluated at this late hour.
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Amen Ricky. Amen.

People don't understand the concept or being polite. If you go to McDonald's and call the cashier stupid, someone is going to spit in your burger. Fact.

I'm not saying a Viasat employee would spit in any burgers but they have less reason to bend over backwards for someone that is just going to be nasty no matter what.

I used to sell a lot of phones on ebay. Every once in a while I would accidentally sell a bad phone. I always offered my customers a huge partial refund (usually 80%) if they kept the phone and had it repaired locally, or a full refund, including return shipping, if they sent it back. At the time, free return shipping was not required by eBay.

Out of a hundred phones I probably had five issues. Four of the customers were great. I only had one bad customer would would not accept either offer and demanded a full refund plus I pay her phone bill for a month.

I got ebay involved, they had her return the phone. She kept the charger but I still gave her a full refund and she left negative feedback. In the end, there was nothing I could have done to have made her happy.
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Thanks Ricky

Lizzie just posted an update on ViaSat 2 here:

 Keep in mind that before a lot of talking points about our release and official statements regarding Viasat's evolving network had to pass a lot of layers of approval before we could even address them. I know some "TBA wording" might've frustrated a few folks. Long story short: we didn't want to say something was happening on a certain day if there was any potential we'd be completely wrong a few days later after some testing that required us to wait a bit on pulling the trigger. 

Moving forward we're rolling the release so if you don't see it now, check again in a day or two, it'll come. In addition plans and prices will vary by location. 
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Well Said
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We are living in a material world and I am a material girl.
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Good points.  I am going through to remove some of my nastier posts. And we've just had another school shooting.  Do you think those people care about how fast their internet speed is right now?  But please understand my frustration as well.  We've been told for years about this wonderful new service coming.  I really don't ask for much, I surf the web, watch YouTube videos on the lowest possible setting and only download perhaps 1 or 2 OnDemand shows from DirecTV a month---in other words, I average about 40G of data a month.  I did look through the new plans, and be sure to read "Unlimited Data Policy---02/13/2018," a link which you can find on this website or other posts.  Yes, take a deep breath.  I did.