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Signed up for Exede12 (12Mbps down). Since the day it was installed, I've been getting 1/6 the speed (2Mbps down) advertised by Exede. Had a technician come out the following week. He diagnosed the connection, and said everything was good and that it must be something on Exede's end. He said it might be resolved in a few weeks, and if not, I should call customer service to get out of my contract.

Well, it's been a few weeks and speeds still haven't improved. The first time I called customer service to disconnect and have them waive my early termination fees, they told me to call back when the weather had improved (it was cloudy that day). Called back the next day when there was nothing but blue sky, and they pretty much told me that there's nothing they can do, and that I'll have to deal with my extremely slow speeds (or pay ETFs to cancel my contract). Are you serious? I want out of this awful service, and I'm not putting up with your awful support crew.

There are some bad reviews coming your way, Exede.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Jordan, 

This is not the experience we want you to have, we’re very concerned that you're experiencing service speed issues, we would like to review your account and see how we can further assist with these speeds.  Please send us your account and contact info to The last thing we want is to lose a valued customer. Thank you
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Jordan Baker

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I've tried that multiple times. I've also tried calling multiple times. I was told to call back when the weather was better, so I called today (blue skies, perfect weather) and was told that I'll just have to deal with the slow speeds. Your support staff has so far been anything but helpful. I'll continue to act cordially, however I'd still like to cancel my contract, have my ETFs waived, and send your equipment back to you.
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Where are you seeing the slow speed? In actual downloads form say a game server, iTunes etc...? Well that isn't all Viasat, it's the servers you are connecting too as well as every hop your connection takes along the way and, there can be as many as 30 hops from say Orlando to Los Angeles.

Run a speed test at or any reputable speed test site during off peak hours. (mornings, mid day until about 3:00 PM your local time or, after 11 PM at night. See what speeds you get then.

I say off peak hours because some beams are very congested right now (until the next satellite is launched and operational) mine being one of them and, you will see slower speeds due to congestion during peak usage hours for your area. Mine sometimes are as slow, or slower than yours, depending on the server I am downloading form or uploading to and speed tests do show 3-4 mb/s down at peak times when congestion is at its worst for me but, that's the nature of satellite ISP. Limited capacity per beam so, when it's maxed out as some are now and, the majority of the subscribers on a given beam are all using it at the same time, it's going to be slower.

Besides, the bottom line is that Exede advertises speeds UP TO a certain speed, meaning they don't promise any certain speed, just that it can be up to that fast under ideal conditions. (actually it's faster than the maximum they advertise under ideal or near ideal conditions - I've seen that with my own service.)