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Makes perfect sense.  If Netflix and others started limiting video to SD, it would help a lot of kids get their school work done.  lol
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BUT I can use my radar detector!

And I at least have found wireless internet coverage better. One hour from the nation's capital and no cell service. Just wild.

But Mount Weather is there. Most likely in full operational mode now!
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So does OH... where does one attain a license to kill houseflies within 160 feet of churches? I'm planning a hunting trip... 

When's bow hunting season on mice in Cleveland?

If they had laws like that in Virginia they probably would enforce them. 81 in a 70 zone is considered reckless driving here. Cops here really don't patrol, they are either hiding in the median with a speed gun out or writing tickets.
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You're overthinking it. Don't speed - problem solved.

They do have laws like that in VA.

And I better not catch you washing your mule on the sidewalk in Culpeper. 

I get tired of my wife calling when she wants to drive through Waynesboro.

In Norfolk.... well those things are simply wrong and you should be locked up.

However singles celebrated their new found sexual freedom just recently when  that law was taken off the books. The resulting baby boom should do wonders for our economy in less than 9 months now.
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Hey exSatUser - About radar detectors,

Do you have a fairly modern one?
I am still using my Escort from late 80s

I'm getting lots of false alerts from many newer cars
And semis too.

Are newer ones better at filtering out those new proximity sensing devices that more & more vehicles are using? 
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Definitely. I used Escort for years. Look at the Radenso XP. Free database updates (Escort charges) and is great at eliminating false alerts. Not real keen on the mute feature (only lasts 30 seconds) but I don't think you will be disappointed. Company also ran by former Escort executive. Great customer service too!

I wanted the add, the reason you are getting a lot more false alerts is your old rader detector was not designed to eliminate the built-in radars in modern cars and trucks (blind spot monitoring, auto cruise monitoring, etc.).  A new detector will solve this issue, and the one I mention here is known as one of the best for this (for the price).