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The Direct TV/Internet package sold to me has been a disaster from the get-go. No disclosure of internet details, a 14-page on-line contract presented after the satellite service (a surprise to me: thought it was ATT provided) was installed, ownership of the satellite even after discontinuing service, etc. Notification of contract details via snail mail three days after installation. Reps are unfailingly polite but not helpful. A total disaster
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Posted 3 years ago

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But you still owe and are getting up to 25mbps accordingly the champions. good luck in cutting ties with this find upstanding company
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Hi Howard, there is a bit of a learning curve with Exede Internet service. Yes, in areas where AT&T/DirecTV does not offer fiber or cable service, they do partner with Exede/Viasat to provide internet service.

If you are having any problem or have any questions, you can ask here and we will do our best to help and answer your questions. You can also email your account and contact information as well as your questions or concerns to exedelistens@viasat.com and, someone who works for Viasat/Exede will be happy to help you.
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Hi Howard,

I've been personally working on investigating some of our DirecTV point of sales so I'd really want to look into this for you. Could you email me at exedelistens@viasat.com?
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DirecTV went on sale Oct 10 1994, I was a customer Oct 11 1994. I purchased it the 10th, but waited until the following day to install it.  They have gone down hill since.  The biggest plummet was 2 years ago when AT&T acquired them.  I tried to save money and bundle it with my Exede, NOPE!  "New customers only"  Now they keep offering me discounts if I bundle with AT&T cell phones.  There are NO AT&T towers here and I can not get AT&T phone here.  The prices keep going up, the customer service keeps going down,  Just last week we had a big fight with them to remove a bogus charge from our bill, AGAIN, and they refused.  Same old story, "once its on the bill, it can not be removed" that is why we dont get the discount for "autopay" because once they actually take the money for the bogus charges  GOOD LUCK!  A "refund" or credit is 20 times harder to get than simply removing something from a bill.  They simply want MORE customers.  They dont care about their old customers or whether they are happy or not.  Combine all this with half or more of the networks playing the same stinking show over, and over, and over all day long ... THIS is why I hang on for Viasat2  I cant wait for the day I can cut the cord and stream what I want when I want through my internet!    OH HAPPY DAY!
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OnTv was only available in select markets and they went out of business 35 years ago. I remember the big dishes they had them in sports bars where I lived. The guides the guys looked in to find games were huge. How did you tune them in?
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Never heard of OnTv either.  As I've mentioned, I had C-band.  I remember picking up the programming guide once in a while when in town, not often.  My memory is failing, but I think it was monthly, and thick?  Even forgot the name, Orbit maybe?  I can't say that I miss moving the dish.  Inside box with buttons, hold the button to get to a certain number/location for a different satellite, which would get a different set of channels, which were switched to on the other box.  Our setup didn't have a remote.

I don't watch sports at all.  Also, never watched MTV, not even a little.  My mom had a full German dad with the accent and everything.  He played an accordion and sang in German.  He died of old age 20 years before I was born.  Basically, because of that, my earliest years in the late 70s-80s, I was listening to Polka music, not entirely by choice....  It was on one of the only radio stations we could get (on their AM side).  So, milking cows, that was going literally all the time.  MTV would not have been allowed in the house....

Orby, I see some comments on picture quality.  Also, I think they lease "only" a couple transponders, not much room for high quality data.  I'm really not very picky.  But, the type of equipment, if they are around a while, I'd think there'd be a possibility of "sales" or buying used, etc.  I self-installed Dish in '99 (and upgraded the Dish to Dish 500 from a garage sale), so self-installing wouldn't be that bad.  So, I'll keep an eye on them
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Orbit was indeed the name of the channel guide!

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I remember Orbit well back when we had one of those huge satellite Dishes. This was in the early and mid 1980s before our neighborhood got wired for cable. After they started scrambling many of the channels my dad would call our installer once a month or so to get a code from him. You would enter the code into the receiver to descramble all the channels
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I remember that cover. Don't know what they officially called them but they had syndication channels, free. Something like 5 episodes in a row, had the screen with the colorful bars in between. I'd VCR those. TNG was one show on them. Guess I recorded about everything I watched when I was young.

Fmj, I mentioned before about the illegal descramblers (because the legal ones didn't need codes, unless there's a weird type I didn't know about), some people got paranoid they could be "seen" and buried them.