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Anyone surprised?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have had my plan for over 6 months now. No need to get all excited about anything that might come along than my Freedom plan. Thank you Viasat.

For those of you who just had to jump on those unlimited plans from your Freedom plan, you have my condolences.

For others, patience, the new plans will be available in your area fairly soon. Be patient.
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ummmm imma onto the unlimited silver plan that has 25mbps :3 and my priotiy data is 150gbs :3 and after the 150gbs is used up... i go into the unlimited data plan :3 but imma waiting for the new plans :3 and also... the silver plan that has 25mbps and has priotiy data of 150gbs imma staying on that until the new plans come out... and also... IF something like the silver plan that is the same... for a much cheaper price then ill switch :3 BUT!!! ill wait until the new plans come out... then when the new plans come out... ill wait like 2 or 3 months to see if my speeds get better... IF so then ill just stay where imma at :3 that is my idea of it :3
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I can never understand half of what you post, but I am glad you are happy with "unlimited".

I am with Steve. As long as I stay under 150GB, my Freedom plan is superior to what "unlimited" could provide me, and at a cheaper price!
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yeah me also :3 IF i ever go beyond the 150gbs then ill be pushed back so that the other prioity people can use there internet :3 (but... ive NEVER even pasted the 150gbs into my entire life XD BUT!!! still... i tend to keep an close eye onto my gbs though :3 ) BUT!!! the thing is... the unlimited plan i have now... imma hoping they can also provide me at a cheaper price also :3 IF they do come exactly alike of what the unlimited plan has (the one with 150gbs as prioity data first then you go into slow speeds AFTER you use up your 150gbs... BUT!!! its kinda like the freedom plan... but with the unlimited thing at the end :3 ) but also... imma still onto the VIASAT-1 satillite still :3 so imma still safe :3 i to want cheaper prices into my area :3 IF AND ONLY!!! THEY match up to freedom plan :3 and sorry if you cant understand half of my post sorry about that ;-;