54% of data used with no power

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Hi All,

Just the facts.

I was in a position to not need any internet access through my billing period so thought I would check to see if any data is being used with the modem off and unplugged.

Bill due on the 8th so on the 1st I unplugged modem.

This is the 12th and I logged on with another source, still with the exede modem unplugged.

My Exede Dashboard shows that since my bill period on the 8th I've used 54% of my 12 Gig plan (6.6 gig).

This post is just for information for others to use to bring awareness to a very real issue.

I don't plan on powering the modem up again.

I'm out.
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Posted 1 year ago

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James, please send an email with your account information to exedelistens@viasat.com. They can review when and what type of usage has been reported on your account.
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Please let us know how you were able to to this? I bet you have used more since fox is in charge of hen house.
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Just the facts.
Not facts but observations taken so far out of context that they become meaningless.

Bill due on the 8th so on the 1st I unplugged modem.
What usage did the modem show and what data did James Harmon truly use when he first unplugged the modem on the "1st?"  He didn't report that but I'm sure it was 6.6 GB.  What usage did the modem report between the "1st" and the "8th" during his previous billing period?  Again, he did not report that but I'm again sure that it was 6.6 GB.  Finally, James Harmon says that on the "12th" the modem is reporting 6.6 GB of data usage but, instead of recognizing that the modem is continuing to report data usage for the previous billing period since it is unplugged and can't update, wants you to believe that it is reporting data usage for the current billing period.

This is basically agreeing with what is stated below except that I also pointed out some critical observations that James Harmon did not include in his original post here.
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@ James Harman

Your entire rant smacks of insanity, or sheer stupidity, or you do a LOT of Chrystal Meth. Do tell us which one it really is.  Yes, I'm firing on you for being an idiot because you won't know the difference. The mods will delete this in the morning so I hope you see it before they get in to work.

Your Surfbeam2 modem cannot update your usage to exede if it is DE-energized (not plugged in).
So you are a real bright guy that left it unplugged and read your account from another ISP so you might catch Exede at some sort of scandal...
This post is just for information for others to use to bring awareness to a very real issue.

Your usage at the Exede site shows the last usage update as reported by the SurfBeam modem which is now, and has been, unplugged.  My bet is Meth, but you could just happen to be a total moron, too.

I'm out.
Yea, that's obvious.

Bev, Champion,
How did you miss this?  Well, nobody here gets paid, so I guess it's alright.
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It is possible that an error occurred and, usage was inadvertently credited to his account with the modem unplugged. 6.6 GB in 5 days is not unreasonable usage,  especially if there were updated but, if the modem truly has not been online for 12 days, Exede will be able to see that.

Modem plugged in or not, the online usage meter would reset to zero on the billing date. Had there been no billing date, yes the usage would be the last reported usage before unplugging the modem but, since there was a billing date, the meter should have reset to zero on the 8th - 5 days ago.
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While there is a modem usage reset hanging in the lurches, the modem and exede must agree.  Exede does not allow "disallowed states" in their operations. The usage meter wont reset until exede control sees the modem has reset. (keeps people from feeling or being cheated in normal operation). When James Harman plugs his modem back in, exede will be vindicated within 15 minutes.

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...exede will be vindicated within 15 minutes.
Just as they have been countless times before ;)

Here's one confirmed by a user himself when he went on vacation:


But I suppose this behavior could differ for business subscribers who get automatically dinged on data overages (or those who subscribe through 3rd party wholesalers).  Of course, long ago and far away, some of us do remember when the the displayed usage meter always reset to zero at 00:00 GMT causing mass confusion; then it (the displayed meter) was changed to reset at 00:00 local time for a while (this worked well when all free zones started at midnight and usage didn't start accumulating until 0500) before the current behavior requiring a sync of modem and usage meter was introduced (suspect it was the different free zone periods that required this).

Who knew usage counting had such an inglorious history and complexity ;)    
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Did you have any updates go through James? A lot of times that is an issue and other times when a modem is unplugged the data is unable to run a report on usage much like what Old Labs suggests above. 

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