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Do all the new data plans, even Viasat-2 plans have the reduced data caps?
Looking at what's been posted - are all the new plans the hobbled 100GB capped plans? Or will there be improved plans with VS2?  Looks li...
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Super Slow Speed
 What is going on with the SLOW speed. I know you state "up to" but come on a speed of under 2 in the evenings is unacceptable! If I call...
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Viasat to get $122 million to bring on 700k more homes
Viasat will receive $122.5 million in U.S. federal subsidies through the Connect America Fund, and is tasked with providing internet acce...
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Is VS2 worth the extra $$ a month and is it really a Ferrari compared to a Beetle ( techs words) when it comes to speed? I am currently u...
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Slow internet speeds in the evenings !!!
Has anyone noticed slower speeds, mostly in the evenings.  My speed during the day is 15-30 mbps.  For two weeks now starting around 6 pm...
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Viasat's evolving network - Great today. Even better tomorrow.
With the launch of our new, highly-anticipated ViaSat-2 satellite, Viasat is launching the latest, most advanced generation of satellite ...
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pre-purchase questions
First post here. Currently a verizon DSL customer, 3M/768K is the best I can get. Town is due to get fiber but that is 18-24 months out, ...
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