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Photo of Lindsey Aikin
Used Data in 2 Days
I'm not sure how we've already used all of our data when our internet was set up 2 days ago. When I try to click on the data usage button...
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Photo of Saoon
Purple Light on modem
Hello! So for the past hour or so my Viasat WiFi Gateway has had a solid purple light and had had no internet connection for wired and wi...
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Photo of Rich
SLOWer than slow DSL
Just got Viasat. It is slower than my old DSL. If you run the speedtest it says its 10 times faster but in actual use its not. Has anyone...
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Photo of JS
Enable DNSSEC resolver
Please either give us an option to enable DNSSEC resolution or an option to bypass DNS hijacking. Things like SSHFP records rely on an un...
  • JS, 4 days ago

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Photo of Jeanie Mock
my account
I was wondering when my lease was up on my account leased equipment, and if some one can give me an answer or a phone number so I can rea...
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