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My local DSL service provider has download speeds of 5Mbs and upload speed of 1Mbs. This being said, the latency of exede is thier biggest fault in my opinion. The advertised download speeds for exede are advertised well and they are correct, but the fact that its satellite service it takes 10 times as long to load a picture or watch a movie vs. slower speed DSL service. Latency causes this problem and I will not be going back to exede. Also i was paying $140 month and was being capped on data. I get unlimited data no strings attatched from my local DSL provider for $51 month and with my house having so many devices dependent upon internet. Theoretically the slower speed DSL would seem alot quicker, more responsive, and faster to anyone that was unaware which they were using...
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  • Very stupid for getting this hook caught in my throat....

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I understand your frustrations, but Exede's web site is abundantly clear about latency being an issue with their service. It specifically states that gaming and VPN connections will not be possible, or at least extremely slow. DSL, by design, is based upon the distance between your home and the DSL provider's offices. I tried DSL at my home, the only non-satellite option and paid $80 for 1 month of speeds of 500Kbps down, 128Kbps up. It was unbearable. I then tried a cellular option, which worked for a while, but the company closed its doors because Verizon would not allow them to be a reseller of their network resources. I went with Exede, understanding the limitations of their service. 

They do not claim to be a competitor for DSL. Exede, in my area, is specifically marketed as "rural internet". Living in the sticks comes with a number of sacrifices, and internet connectivity is one of them. While the latency is unfortunate, and I do miss the ability to connect to my office via VPN, the service is fine, and I am able to keep within my caps by managing my devices and applications to stay within those limits. The DSL may "feel" faster, but for large downloads, Exede has served me well. 
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If you are capable of getting any other type of connection, you should not have satellite.
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I was just sitting here thinking how lucky I was to find Exede after my experience with DSL. I'm at the very end of the DSL line. I rarely got an entire page of anything fully loaded before it just stopped or hung for some reason. Also, every time a tree falls during bad weather DSL is out for three days or more. I've had Exede for while now and it's gets the job done for me and has never been down for more than a couple of hours. 
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Hi Jerome,

I'm sorry to hear that are services did not fit your internet needs.  If you change your mind, we are here for you.  I'm glad you are enjoying your new provider.  
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I've been complaining about ping/latency/jitter since I first joined 4.5 months ago. The ONLY thing they harped on was the 12/3 speed for ALL of their plans. If they said anything about latency it was in the fine print. It causes problems with video streaming, VOIP and https:// sites. Timeouts and broken links causes extreme problems.

jerky video streaming has caused me to have not exceed my data limits since after the first month...( yes 1Mbs D/L is even more horrible)

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Sorry you had to learn the hard way.   Yeah, if you have a functioning DSL connection, it is a no brainer that you don't want to switch to satellite.  Access to the Freedom Plan, might be the exception, depending on your uses.
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After all the negative reviews I bite the bullet and ordered exede! All I have to say my choice was not regretted. It's 4g lte not bad but your always on a leash. Exede gives me the power to grab that season 5 of falling skies this summer. Not to limit it to my shows but I can burn 11 gb at night for Bubble Guppies, and all the other kids shows on tv. (From itunes desktop) If they get rid of the free zone I'm gone. On the other hand it's fast. Plus always look at the router. I bought the best (almost). 250 linksys. .. with a 2.4 and a 5hz... I have a habit of bring up my speed test and task manager for transfer rate.. (I'm assuming the other isp write all this negative sh....)
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Hey thanks for posting Topeka. Nice experience here. Enjoy. (:

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