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I am told by ViaSat that I used up 50GB in only four days. This is impossible. I have used ViaSat for about a year and my data is never used up until the end of the 30 days or so. Support on phone and chat tell me there is nothing they can do. I have a large password on WIFI???I ask for a service tech and they refused, saying my modem is working fine. What can we do?
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Posted 7 months ago

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Why is it impossible to use 50 GB in four days? I’ve done it before and I’m on a Liberty 12 plan.
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Very possible with today's web and IOT. See:


You need to monitor your data usage independently. Adding a router with robust traffic monitoring is your best bet in my opinion. You'll probably be surprised at what is utilizing you meager data allowance or threshold without your knowledge. There are some general hit or miss things to try and you'll get some recommendations here. But if you really want to address it effectively, monitor your own usage with a good router having traffic monitoring capabilities (ASUS routers with the Traffic Analyzer feature ar my choice but there are others also recommended here). None of that will help determine what happened in the past, but will help going forward to identify anomalies.

All customer service and support can really provide you with is a very general categorized breakdown of your usage -  most find it insufficient to determine what's really going on but might provide a clue. Ask them for a usage review if inclined to do so.
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This company is Shady. I've been with them for two and a half years and have had nothing but problems. My number one complaint is usage. We went on vacation for a week in July and came back to 50 gigs being used. I live in the middle of 80 acres. No one has access or could gain access to my internet. The only thing hooked to the internet is an ipad and a smart TV. I have tried to contact viasat about this and the only thing I've learned is that their customer service is garbage. Our usage has doubled ever since we switched over to viasat-2 last year. Don't really understand that considering nothing has changed on our end except the plan. Anyway, I am canceling my contract at the end of this month. It is 100% worth the $200 cancellation fee to get rid of this crap service. I'll just stick with my cell phone plan. It's honestly amazing that I watch Netflix and movies on the DirecTV app with my cell service and never go over my 25 gigs a month. Same with my husband and children. It really makes no sense whatsoever.
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Not that it matters since you're about to cancel but for others who might be following along...

Monitor your data usage independently to verify or disprove the accuracy of the Viasat usage meter. With the right monitoring you'll know eactly where data is going.

As much as I tried to prove the inaccuracy of Viasat's usage counts since shortly after Viasat-1 and Exede were launched, I had only one discrepancy early on as the kinks were being worked out of the usage meter. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately), all other usage spikes have been traced to anomalies on my end from unlikely sources (runaway or simply abusive java scripts, overly bloated web sites, automatic updates, changes to automatic update settings that magically took place with a Windows update, malware, auto play videos that weren't visible, preloaded videos in full or part in the background despite my having no intent to watch them, and more). While your data usage habits may not change, rest assured that the way devices and apps use your data inefficiently is always changing when connected via WiFi or Ethernet - WiFi or Ethernet, oh my! This must be a real unlimited connection - let me abuse it! When on a cellular connection those same apps and devices play nicer with your data since they know you have data limitations.

FWIW, changing to Viasat-2 did most likely change the WiFi connection that you were using - specifically a different network with the switch to a new modem. Some connection data saving setting's are on a network by network basis. If you fail to migrate those settings over to your new network (e.g. setting a connection as metered), this could impact your data usage on the new connection. At the same time, your new connection may have been faster - web sites and apps adapt to higher speeds by sending you even more data to "improve your user experience" - it's not on their nickel, so who cares.   

Going away for a week would actually be one of those rare cases where I'd turn the modem and all devices off while gone. Not to save data, but rather save energy ;)