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Seriously the past 2 nights during the so called free period I have been getting kicked off the internet 2-4 times a Night, last night I was off for more then 2 hours of the free period, tonight its just kicking me on and off....this isnt a free period if you keep screwing with us at night knockoing people off the internet!
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I'm up most nights during the LNFZ and the only "problem" I experience is within the12:00 AM to around 3:00 AM time period is slow down due to the large number of other subscribers on my beam that schedule their downloads for that period - so that's beyond Viasat's control unless additional restrictions are replaced on the LNFZ and I'm not sure many would like that.

You're likely on a different beam, different gateway and different Accelenet server so your results will vary and could include scheduled/non-scheduled outages for each of the latter two. Alternately, your Viasat modem may have a problem.

Ordinary users here can't adequately diagnose those types of problems other than directing you to and

to post a screen capture (redact your ip address and mac address so as to not make them public - the rest of the information isn't sensitive) for an unofficial, novice diagnosis.

Identifying your location may yield others on your beam experiencing similar problems helping to isolate the point of failure.

Better options include:

  1. Contacting phone support (some are successful using that route, but apparently not all).
  2. Contacting one of the Exede moderators here via email at exedelistens@viasat.com - note that the moderators are unable to determine your account information based solely on your handle registered here and that's the reason for emailing and not posting your account information here.
  3. Contacting a local Exede installer for diagnosis using the eSVT tool (see link below).             
A description of the eSVT tool (intended for an installer audience) can be found at:


If you reach an installer unfamiliar with that tool, keep looking - as an aside that's a good question to ask in determining how well-prepared/trained an installer is even pre-sale (that and "how many of these things have you actually installed") There are many good one's out there and no knock against them is intended, but some anecdotes here suggest there are a number of bad apples present also damaging the good installers' reputations (and the installers are not directly employed by Viasat). A good installer relationship is invaluable, even if it winds up costing a few $$$ extra.    

At the same time phone support and the moderators may have access to that tool.

P.S. Those who take the time to peruse the eSVT document will see that historical information is available (not to mention other useful information) and we can only hope for a more informative usage meter - which as some know is my only real complaint.
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DITTO on the rush hours of 12 to 5. Once customers get micros and other auto-run programs setup for the download super hour, the road gets busy with traffic. I have lost conection/ been dropped, while i was asleep, but i agree, with lab, lets don't add more restrictions.

P.S. Those who take the time to peruse the eSVT document will see that historical information is available (not to mention other useful information) and we can only hope for a more informative usage meter - which as some know is my only real complaint.

Thanks Lab for the link. Good info.

I agree, customers should have some limited access to other problem solving information. It sure would save time and effort instead of contacting Exede for every small issue.

Obviously, customer access should be restrained from handling the BIG buttons and switches, but for simple troubleshooting it would be handy.

Now, where is that dial that centers all the beams onto my house???
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Agreed some of that information would be very useful for self-diagnosis of potential problems (not to mention usage patterns).

Another document that can be used to gauge the quality of install can be found at:


The only issues I have are a couple of trees that have grown to the point of infringing on my line of sight, and my installer warned me about them when I upgraded to Exede. With recent heavy winds that took care of those pesky oak leaves, my signal has climbed - time to call a professional sometime before next spring. While I can accurately fell them in the right direction, my rule of thumb is that if they're tall enough to reach the house and there's even a remote possibility, seek professional assistance. After the last few days, I need to start replenishing my longer term firewood supply anyways with some proper seasoning.          
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I have also been knocked off, but a vary few times and maybe for about 5 minutes. I have unplugged my modem and plugged it back in and was ready to go. Or even shut it down Via my computer network, just disconnect the reconnect and back on. But I can say to the max was about 5 time and about 5 minutes each time. I read some where that at midnight you will see you modem flicker switching to unlimited time. Its in another room, so I never watched to see it. I thought I seen it some where, but I could be wrong. So if you are using a program to automatically down load programs after midnight, maybe set it for 12:30, instead of when everyone is hitting hard all at once. Just my thoughts.
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Again, I agree on a way to check the quality of the install. Sad to say, some installer might be cutting corners to get in and out quickly. i was very satisfied with my installer, and I have some experience from my old cable tv days.

Cold beer taste better at the end of the day if you know you did a good job. Craftsmanship is a dieing art. Too many are interested is the quick buck. Then of course, we hear about it here on the forum with the complaints.

As for your trees and the price for a pro. Have you thought about renting a boom arm machine. Start at the top and take it down at cordwood lengths.
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These comments hit it on the head. Midnight download congestion is primarily what causes the kick-offs. If you can send me your info, I'd like to make sure everything is in order with your connectivity to make sure it's not a deeper issue.
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I have all of my pc's and laptops setup to pull updates a different times on the LNFZ. I also have my steam box’s set to do all of their updates from 1am-4:30am after that time they will have to wait for the next LNFZ. I have also found that Viasat does all of their gateway and modem firmware updates at this same time frame. I will have to agree with Everett McLaughlin and Lab Rescuer on giving us "customers" more tools to do a self-diagnosis on these issues would very much help us in the long run. Viasat out sources their customer/tech support so you get somebody on the phone that does not know a dime about your account or your setup so to that end I would rather not call in I would come here for some help instead.

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