Will we ever be able to stream movies on Netflix like other people do?

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Posted 3 years ago

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I think the customers that are having slow download speeds and/or small data limits will see improvement when the new satellites are deployed.  Beams are becoming congested in some areas because of the unfortunate explosion of a SpaceX rocket that has delayed the launch of Viasat 2.  Viasat 3 will be launched shortly after that and we should see a chance to have bigger data limits and improved download speeds.  Here is a great article that explains Viasats plans.

I am one of the fortunate ones that have the 150gig package and we stream everyday on our TV and rarely use more than half of our data limit.  So you don't need gobs of data to watch Netflix or Hulu but you also can't live on the internet either.  I know people who have cable with 1,000gig data and they get warnings every month that they are getting close to their limit.
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Adding on to what Jim said, the Netflix thing boils down to math: If you stream at HD, you can burn through 3 gigs in an hour. If you set your quality to 'medium' you'll only use about 700 MB/hr (.7 GB) or .3 GB/hr on 'low.' Some shows look just fine in those lower settings. If you're not sure how to tweak those settings on Netflix, go here
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I doubt we will ever be able to ditch Dish or DirecTv and stream TV 100%, without another provider for TV service. Everyone in towns and cities can but, not us rural folks. You can even do it on a mobile device, but, most of us can't at home because no cell service, or no data service and, one bar to maybe send a text. Or We use WiFi and a booster, that guess what, uses our internet bandwidth.

I'd love to go with Netflix, SlingTV or something less costly that the 200+ per month for DTV but,m i can't stream enough to be able to do that. An hour or two a month doesn't cut it for TV service. Even the top business plans would not be suitable for that.

Assume 5 hours in HD because the is what TV is today, per day weekdays and 10 per day hours on weekends so, 135 GB per week, 540GB per month for normal TV service. Even the freedom plan can't handle that. And that is NO other internet usage.

Add the minimal 30 GB for very basic web usage for a family and that's 570 GB per month and , still no Youtube, no internet radio, spotify, downloading games and updates, etc... Add the normal things city folks do online and, we would need 1000 or more GB per month. I don't see Viasat giving us that at an affordable price, ever. It costs them too much to provide that much for us,  sure maybe if we could all afford 2 grand a month bills, then we might get it but, that is never going to happen.