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"Cindy R: The credit has been applied to the account and please offer the suggestion on the customer forum regarding roll over usage. I agree it would be a great thing to have." This suggestion from one of your OWN people. Why can't we have that? HughesNet has it as well as HughesNet gives you 1GB exta in your "bank", besides what you choose to buy extra. Bottom line, with HughesNet you don't lose ANYTHING and their service is better!
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John Ivy

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  • VERY unhappy with Exede and I just started...

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That is a great idea John and I will see to it that this information gets passed along to our Engineering Developers. Have you heard about our Great Gig Giveaway promotion? This offers existing customers an additional 30GB of data to use over the next 6 months, free of charge. If you can send me your information to, I would be glad to check your eligibility and get some GB added to your account right away. (:
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I'm going back to Hughes Net.

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I never in my life had a full course of run arounds and pure lies like I had with hughesnet, I am very happy with Exede, although hughesnet did let me out of the contract after 60 days. Maybe this just proves service depends on where we are located regardless who we use.
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John Ivy

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Sorry to hear about your experience. As for myself, I always had great service from HughesNet from their regular high-speed to the new Gen4 setup, and their tech support was ALWAYS outstanding....
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Been a dealer for all the satellite internet providers and Exede is by far the best platform.  Their call centers are ALL here in the USA, which means you can understand the person on the other end of the line, which means no more struggling to understand "John" in New Dehli, India.  Their speeds are faster and they give their customers more data for the money.  And their technology is far superior than everyone else, and they have the biggest and fastest satellite in orbit!

As an Elite Dealer and a member of the Dealer Advisory Council, we have brought up the idea of some sort of token for loyal customers.  I can tell you as a matter of fact, Exede does not like the data caps and there are teams of brilliant people working on solutions to give our customers more data.  They are working on things better than a token, like Exede Kimberly mentioned above.

In fact, since the launch of Exede they have developed the Evolution Plan which does give customers unlimited emailing and web browsing, and now they have also pushed the everything else data in that plan from 5G to 10G.  So great strides are being made.  Are we to the point where we can just let you stream as much as you want.  No, and probably never will, that would be a waste of resources.  There is a move in the cable and dsl industries to put data caps on their services.  Because bandwidth is limited, "unlimited" clogs the networks and slows everyone down.  However, a well managed network, gives customers a balance of both speed and data.  

Stay tuned for more great things to come from Exede.  We are getting closer everyday to the launch of ViaSat 2 which is going to bring even more bandwidth and exciting possibilities!

David R Varner is not an employee of Via Sat or Exede, I am a LOCAL Elite Dealer, who strongly encourages everyone to contact your LOCAL satellite dealers for any satellite product.  We are going to take good care of you!
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There you go folks, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

Choosing a reputable local dealer before signing up is the best thing you can do to ensure satisfaction with Exede. Maintaining a good working relationship with your installer after the sale will ensure better service when stuff eventually happens as it most assuredly will.

Even if you wind up paying a few more $$ in the long run because you couldn't take advantage of a internet only promo.

If you had the misfortune of rolling the dice on your installer when ordering over the internet or by phone, reach out to a reputable local dealer and pay for the service you want/desire - they deserve a paycheck also. 
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Randall Wilds & John Ivy,
Maybe I'm just stupid, but why did you leave Hughes Net?

I checked the reviews, options, and cost of Exede and Hughes when I signed up and chose Exede.

There is not a product or service in the world, that has no negative reviews. As consumers, we have to analyze the reviewer to see if a pattern of validity makes sense.

I lose faith in your comments? Why would you each cause so much pain for yourselves?
I love Ford Trucks! That's why I bought a Yugo. 
Makes no sense!
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The Evolution Plan is great and the FREEDOM PLAN is even better but I cannot get it in 28748. The ONLY things available is the Liberty Plans with NO FREE DATA at night! AND NO TOKENS!

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