Why is price different due to location?

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I cant keep paying more and more, was going to move to viasat but bronze plan is now 70 going up to 100 with lease so 120 a month? Thats crazy, my hughesnet contract is up finally and suddenly viasat prices are way up. What happened to bronze being 50 a month then up to 70 a month for the contract. the satellite doesn’t care where I live. Its too expensive.
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Here's what happened:


Like me you appear to be in a coverage area (beam) that has a capacity shortage. Supply meets demand and they get to charge what the market will bear.

But yeah, the general consensus is that the higher priced Bronze 12, Silver 12, and Gold 12 plans in those areas are way out of line.    
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I think they are doing this so they can say that service is available  in those areas but pricing it absurdly to discourage any new subscribers.
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It's crazy, Bronze for the same price Silver was before Viasat 2 and, if I were to switch plans, Liberty 50 for the same as I pay for Unlimited Silver. That's insane. Nobody wants that, my step son did it just because that's all he could get. He's getting shafted as would anyone around here taking the plans that are offered in my area now.

I feel for the installers, little to no work for them if Viasat is all they do.
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I'll look for it......  I saw that ViaSat was only allocating a very small percentage of VS2 for residential use, "far less than VS1."  It's out there, gotta find it again and post here when I do.
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50% is the figure coming out of the conference call Q&A (implied) and being referenced elsewhere...


Turn off java script for seekingalpha.com and you don't have to subscribe and can view the whole thing ;)
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What upsets me is the "unlimited" data caps keep changing, the speeds keep changing (now I am ONLY offered 12!) but the real kick is ... under my account/change plan there is no more "unlimited" plans offered, only Liberty, yet as a NEW customer entering my zip at Viasat.com, it ONLY offers "unlimited" plans????  ONLY 12 Mbps plans, and the data cap for "unlimited" data is lower still!  35 (Bronze) 45 (Silver) and 65 (Gold), last I knew it was 100 dropped down from 150, and the different packages changed speeds not the data cap on your "unlimited" data?  SMH  it still cracks me up they are selling "limited, unlimited" data.  UNLIMITED DATA WITH A DATA CAP IS NOT UNLIMITED!

So here I sit, kiddies out of school and my internet is so slow its nearly useless.  Ive been waiting all this time for "VIASAT 2" to make everything better???????   Things are only getting worse.  WHAT GIVES??
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LOL we did that just over a year ago and now all the discounts have expired.  I tell them EVERY TIME I am on the phone with them ... its not so much them its the programming, the content doesnt justify the price.  I tell them to tell corporate to get on their suppliers (networks) and tell them to step it up if they want to keep charging what they are.  I can get entire seasons of Law and Order SVU, or American Pickers on DVD and watch them all day long, why pay DirecTV so much every month for the same thing?

DirecTV came out Oct 10 1994, I was a subscriber Oct 11 1994 ONLY because I got home late and didnt want to put my dish up in the dark.  It has gone downhill ever since, and since AT&T bought them its downward spiral has increased exponentially. 
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I agree they have gone downhill. AT&T will do that.

Like you Ron, I have had Directv since 1994. I installed it when I built my house late that year. When the house started, Directv wasn't out. Three months after it was finished, it was put along with Primestar if you remember that one!

Two years later, I had satellite internet. Yes, I was one of the first in the country to have that too!

So what is the next cutting edge thing I need to get 25 years later?
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I never needed sat internet until I moved here 7 years ago.  Back in 94 I lived in a city, believe it or not in the middle of a city park.  Had electric and telephone since the 40s when the house was built, but cable TV wanted $3500 install fee to run the cable under ground, which is stupid since there were poles for elect and phone??  THEN they told me since it was such a long run from the main line I needed to have a transformer to boost the signal, of course since I would be the only one using it, guess who had to foot that bill.

Almost a year I survived on VHS and DVDs counting the days until DirecTV came out!  Internet wasnt all it is today, so I had dial up and it served me well for the 11 years I lived there.
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My folks had dialup through Aug 2016.  SMH.  It was a joke.  And because I had satellite internet I had to update their laptop, as there was no way they were going to perform W7 updates with dialup.  FINALLY, after years of me getting on them about it, they got satellite internet.  
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Just start a new account.