Why is my latency or ping so high with this internet? I was told it was good for gaming.

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I called and wanted internet again. The person said oh yea this will be good for all of your kids. They can game freely on any device lag free. So next week they came installed it. I logged onto fortnite and I couldn’t even move. They lied straight to my face and i am not happy. On top of blackmailing and dragging us into this they made us sign a 2 YEAR CONTRACT so we’re stuck with this crap for 2 years. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix the ping please help me out.!!
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  • mad and upset.

Posted 1 year ago

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And it is only Tuesday!
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BTW, Andy is well aware what is going on here and with Viasat.
That I don't doubt.  :)  
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Well I know for a fact.

He is no longer on the dealer advisory counsel anymore either. But with what has happened lately, not sure if Viasat is listening to that counsel anyhow (if it still exists).
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Andy was banned for committing fraud? Was he writing the Viasat TV ads on the side?
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Nope, just the opposite. He was telling the truth about some of the policies that Viasat had, and as a dealer and installer, I guess he was just supposed to be a "yes sir" puppet.
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No, he admitted to violating company policies, and advocating for others to do the same.  
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Hello 9mi 9mi,  Did you speak directly to Viasat or one of our dealers?  Please send your account and contact information to viasatlistens@viasat.com and we can review your account. We'll see what we can do.  

Here is a link about some video games that may or may not work with satellite internet. As Old Lab pointed out satellite internet has latency.  Diana
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Why would have dealers sell people lies?
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they want to make sales but with proof viasat needs to step up and dump the ones doing this 
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It totally depends on what games you play. I have no problem gaming with Rift, Aion, Battlefield 1 and several others. Now Fast Twitch (First person shooter type) games don't work well but, those with turn based combat work just fine.

Yes you may have lag during raids, dungeon groups and such but, sometimes that's the game regardless of your connection. The 600+ latency really isn't a big deal in many games, it is in some but you just need to choose games where having a 30ms ping isn't so critical to enjoying the game.

Using tools like Leatrix Latency fix or NCPing does help with rubber banding and such, might want to search for those.

As for video, if you have a liberty plan you can turn the video data extender off to watch HD video, if you have an Unlimited plan, then video quality is hard set by Viasat and, you cannot watch HD unless your plan allows it.

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