Where is my Bandwith going?

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Since my data reset last night for the month, I haven't done any downloading and I have unlimited web browsing and email but yet in 20 hours my bandwith shows I used 1.9 GB and I have not did anything to make it go up to that so where is my Bandwith going?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Automatic updates, Windows 10 not set to a metered connection. Auto loading videos and such on websites that do count as usage, things attached to or embedded in emails, someone got your router password, phones and tablets updating or otherwise using wifi, On demand or watch from the beginning TV viewing. All of that will use your data allowance.
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Hi Brian, I’d be happy to review your account, a few data consumption's that people are typically unaware of are: Storage, Updates, Apps, or Communications. Please send us your account and contact info to exedelistens@viasat.com so we can get this looked into.   
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with exede, absolutely everything uses data.  1 hr. of game play = 1 G of data.  A 2 hour movie on demand  will use 20% of all data for the month.  No buyout, no getting out of contract.  I am trying to get AT&T to help with a bundle deal and forget exede and their fraudulent empire.

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It isn't any better on 4G wireless. Unless you and I can get real internet then we have to play the data-cap dance while the rest of the world makes merry with streaming video day and night.  We are the forgotten few. I have been waiting 16 years for DSL and now it is obsolete.
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I don't believe a word "exede" says. They lie. 9 keep all of my devices off until I need to access the Internet. This is me adapting. There is still a data usage even during a 72 hour experiment I ran with everything in my house unplugged but the modem. I "used" 30 gb, according to "exede". Simply a scam.
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30 GB? That is a lot or did you mean MB? If it really did show 30 GB use in 72 hours with no devices connected, including your router, I'd suspect a problem. If your router was on and connected, I'd be changing the password and double checking router security because that sounds like someone is hacking your WiFi.

If it was 30MB, that is a possible minor error if the modem did a software update. That isn't supposed to count against our usage but, it might have done so accidentally because of a glitch in the system.

I have NEVER had unexplained data usage in the 10+ years I have had WildBlue then Exede. My devices are always on and always connected and, AV, OS a driver updates are permitted at any time. (used to be during the LNFZ only until I switched to a Liberty plan.) With five devices and two people we average 25 to 30 GB used per month.

We limit streaming and social media use to no more than 30 mins video per week and no more than 10 mins social media sites per week. We check usage before downloading anything that is not one of the updates listed above if it is over 5MB. If we are over 50% used, we do not download the file until after our reset date to avoid getting slowed.

Yes there are months we do go over our 30GB allotment but, that is rare and, we decide if it's worth having to buy more data or, if it can be done the last day of our billing cycle so that we are only slowed for a few hours, at most.

I know it take some learning and, I've recently found the UBlock Origin extension for FireFox, it works very well and, it's easy on hardware resources and, always on when you are using the browser. That saves a ton of bandwidth by blocking videos, pictures and, advertisements unless you click on the slot to see them and, you can set it to only block media over a certain size so you can let is show thumbnail images and block larger ones.
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claire might be right I have tested the same thing numerous times( without any router) and right after reset when I have FREE ZONE I unplug duering free zone and the next day bam a lot of useage even with everything off. I believe the modem has plenty of time to catch up  many hours so that and a router can not be used as an excuse. my router also logs any and all connections to it and nothing but my devices mac addresses are allowed to connect to it.