Where in the hierarchy of business concerns do you slot your retail customers?

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No whining w/o crackers and cheese! Seeing the new Liberty plan and comparing it to my Liberty plan I very strongly feel hosed. Stiff upper lip is to accept their top down guidance  "Sign em up however you can and we'll apply the screws for 2 years." Nice SOP that Idi Amin or Papa Doc Duvalier would enjoy. Surprising to see a for profit organization running in this fashion. Their margin is already guaranteed by US military and The White House/Air Force One/Marine One. Much of the satellite cost is paid by same and they take the launch business to French Guiana. Unfortunately this company knows customers have no other options available and keeps their pricing stratospheric. When running at 3 to 5 mbps down it is alright. When throttled and seeing speeds a 9.6 kbps dial up modem could attain it is obvious that profit is the one and only mission of this company. Their projected numbers must be that 10 percent of customers will be online in the middle of night at their time zone. Heavy usage during evening will bump up to 15 percent and biggest usage during office hours will be 11 to 12 percent. That justifies selling the same capability 5 or 6 times what is available. In finance it is called a ponzi scheme. If a realtor sold a house to 5 or 6 buyers there would be fraud and/or embezzlement charges. If a gas station could sell the same gallon 5 times state or county weights and measures would sanction them. Seems that if it looks, smells and acts like cavalier disregard towards the largest (by contracts) user groups there should be over sight. Because it is not a public utility PUC doesn't care. Not that they do anything good for electric, gas, or standard phone service. Their thing is unspoken caveat emptor or 'let the buyer beware.'

Please advise how to turn my Liberty 12 plan into one of the new Liberty 12 unlimited plans. 

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  • very unhappy that tennis ball cannon won't reach 22,000'

Posted 3 months ago

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Is it the weekend already?  I thought one just ended.  
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Explain yourself.
Why would you poke fun at an obviously sincere person expressing his legitimate opinions? It is very strange that you attack almost everyone who has a complaint against Viasat, particularly since you have chosen Hughs.net over Viasat.
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First, I don't have to explain myself to you.  Secondly, I certainly do not "attack almost everyone who has a complaint against Viasat."  Thirdly, I haven't "chosen HughesNet over ViaSat."  Had WildBlue been available in my area in December 2004 I might be with ViaSat today.  
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I went with hughesnet back then. Did you ever use the old direcway one way service?
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I did! Until 2006.
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No.  I came along a couple of years after the two way service started.  My first modem was the DW6000.  

I don't think, at least speed wise, I would have minded the upload being through the phone line, but I was so glad when I got off of dialup and I didn't have to tie up my phone line anytime I wanted to go online.  

My folks actually had a second line installed so they wouldn't tie up their phone line with their AOL, but the line didn't work very well.  I don't know if it was just a bad install or if some critter got to it and gnawed a bit on the line.  Heck, they still had AOL dialup until August of 2016.  :( 
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What new Liberty 12 unlimited plans?

There are only Liberty plans and Unlimited plans to the best of my knowledge (although both could be considered "unlimited" by today's warped definition of unlimited by ISPs).

They aren't really comparable although some, including myself, might suggest that Liberty plans are preferable to Unlimited plans depending on individual circumstances. You need to carefully read the fine print on each and that's been discussed here at length. The only change to Liberty plans that I'm aware of was introduction of a free zone for them and the optional video data saver option making them more attractive than Unlimited to some. However that happened a long time ago so new doesn't really apply. However you did have to upgrade to the Liberty plans with free zone when they were introduced even if on a prior Liberty plan.

Check your portal to see what plans are available to you for upgrade and weigh the benefits. Rumor has it if the portal says to call for plan availability it means you have the option of switching to Viasat-2 and they want to explain the fine print involved with switching - i.e. new 24 month commit. To the best of my knowledge Liberty plans are only available to Viasat-1 service areas while Unlimited plans are now currently limited to Viasat-2 (Unlimited plans were offered on Viasat-1 briefly prior to Viasat-2 coming online, which is how we got into this mess to begin with).
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Hi Martin.  I am so sorry the delayed response.  Please go to account.viasat.com.  It will give you all the information and availability.  Please review carefully. You can also call Customer Care at 855.463.9333.