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What's really happeniing?? We apparently used up 5.2gb in two and a half hours. There was no video streaming and were told by exede it was for "data". Our normal use is 0.17gb per day. Cell phones are on their own data, lap tops have had the update feature off for 2 months. We live in a remote area, so the neighbor hacking scenerio offered by the exede rep. is not feasible.
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  • concerned with exede

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Look at similar comments here. It's a vicious circle. No matter how much 'history' you give them...they basically say "it is what it is".

And man, if you exceed your data, and they slow you down to 1 GB or less, you'd swear you're back in the days of the 56k dial-up modem; save the annoying connect sound.

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Hello Dell,

Please send an email to with your account information. By doing that we can investigate your data usage and see if we can pinpoint where the data is largely coming from. 
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Hi Dell an Ricky,

As an Elite Dealer with well over 800 Exede installs and a member of the Dealer Advisory Council to ViaSat, I can assure you that no one is trying to steal your data.  Soon all of our Exede customers will be able to see the reports that we can see, once the next version of the customer portal is rolled out.  One of the main themes and complaits I have seen from these blogs is the great mystery of where my data has went.  All of which there is a logical explanation when you are able to see the times and days, as well as the type of data that was used.  As a member of the Dealer Advisory Council I have pushed for our customers to have this data available to them as well.  And soon, I do not have a date yet, but I have been told later this year this will be rolled out  to our customers dashboards.

Exede is great at getting back with the data.  However if anyone else is curious about where there data has gone, you can also send me a private email to with your modems MAC Address found on the bottom, (00:A0:BC:xx:xx:xx) and I can send you detailed usage information as far as types of data and times used, we do not see the web sites you go to, only the classification of data, such as web browsing, Itunes, Netflix, Youtube, etc.

Just this morning I had one of my customers who called me curious about where his data had gone.  I was able to let him know about a very large windows update that his computer did last Monday.  Mystery solved!  Another time I had a customer call looking to see where his data went.  I provided him the information, he said he was not home on that particular day of the large amount of usage.  Upon further investigation, he did say he had painters in his home working on that day.  Mystery solved.  And yet another customer reported he kept loosing data, upon investigation and looking at the customers usage and home network devices, I found out that he had multiple Iphones and Ipads, all backing up repeatedly and to each other on Icloud.  Mystery solved.

Bottom line, Exede wants to give our customers the best service for a fair price, and in no way is anyone in the company looking to see how we can cut corners and take our customers data.  In my experience of installing over 800 Exede systems, and working with countless customers online, there is always something that our customers don't realize is running or happening on their devices that is using this data.

I hope this help folks out there.  Again send me an email if you need help and I will be glad to assist.

David R Varner is an Elite Dealer for Exede and a 2nd term member of the Dealer Advisory Council to ViaSat and not an employee.
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David, that will help a lot of people see where their data is going. I had a friend do that for his once. He thought his DTV used it's own dish when he watched on demand - OOPS LOL. Don't connect the TV box(es) to your LAN, or if you do don't use On Demand, watch form the beginning, etc..
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Yep. Satellite VOD is all downloaded via internet. Comcast internally referred to it as "Video On Delay" due to it having to be downloaded rather than streamed. 
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I've had a major issue with data loss this month.  No help from Exede.  I had a case in - with Exede_Brad, and he closed the case without informing me, while I was still waiting for a response from him (I thought I may have found one issue and was waiting for him to confirm).  I have done what I can to discover and fix data leaks -- one of our PC's had Windows Updates turned on for automatic - didn't know it and I've since fixed it.  Ad blocker is was a big help for me to stop a lot of data leaking.  A program called Networx has DEFINITELY helped me find any programs going out and automatically downloading updates.  

However - I got NO help from Exede in finding out what's going on.  Just the same canned responses.  Now, I'm not even getting that.  I had to open another case on the 6th, as my previous one was closed without telling me -- and I still haven't gotten a response from Exede on this new case.  In the past, when I've had issues of know knowing where data was leaking, I at least received a timely response and a little help.
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For those of you with DirecTV, they just added a neat feature that allows you to "look back" 72 hours on many channels incase you forgot to watch or DVR a program.  Problem is, it does that via the Internet so it really is another On Demand option which will savage your data cap.

For those that have updated to Windows 10, it maintains a history of which apps/programs are using your Internet and how much data they have used in the past 30 days.  It is an eye opener to see how many programs are using your data in the background.  Many are just checking for updates, but it does add up.  At last count, I have 62 programs logging Internet usage!

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