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The Exede Liberty Plans are available in select areas of the country and offer a different way of managing data. Ultimately it's a good plan for those who tend to use the internet during the day or early-morning hours, although we believe many types of users would find benefits from it no matter what time of the day they're online. To find out if you can get the Liberty Plan, just go to our Plans & Pricing page and type in your Zip code. Here's more info about Liberty:

Exede Liberty Plans give you and your family more access to the internet, starting with a set amount of Priority Data that comes with our best, 12 Mbps speeds. What's great about Liberty is that, even if you go over your monthly data allowance, you'll get the Liberty Pass, which will allow you to use more data at download speeds of 1 to 5 Mbps.

So how does Liberty work? For starters, you pick your Priority Data package based on your anticipated monthly usage. When you're using your Priority Data, you'll get our best 12 Mbps download speeds. If you don't go over that allowance (and many of our customers don't), you'll remain in that best-speed zone. If, however, you use up all of your monthly Priority Data, your Liberty Pass speeds will still be fast enough to allow you to continue to use the internet, with better speeds during daytime hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Exede Liberty Plans

What do the Liberty Plans cost?

We offer three Priority Data packages for Liberty Plans: 12 GB, 18 GB or 30 GB. We also offer a basic plan in Liberty areas called Essential 10. This plan has a traditional data allowance (and no Liberty Pass), plus a five-hour daily Free Zone (3 a.m. to 8 a.m.) where all data is unmetered. Here are the prices:

Liberty 12: $69.99/mo

Liberty 18: $99.99/mo

Liberty 30: $149.99/mo

Essential 10: $49.99/mo

Give Liberty 12 a try for three months at the same price as Essential 10!

New customers can get the Liberty 12 plan for the same price as our Essential 10 plan ($49.99/month) for their first 3 months. If you don't find value in the benefits, you can switch to Essential 10. Discounts are also available for a new customer's first three months of Liberty 18 and Liberty 30. Existing customers can also get a deal on a Liberty Plan. Just call Customer Care at 855-463-9333 to see what you qualify for.

What's Priority Data?

Every Exede plan comes with a dedicated amount of Priority Data that has our fastest 12 Mbps download speeds. You should choose your plan based on how much data you and your family typically use on a monthly basis (we have tools to help you estimate this amount). Priority Data is used until you reach your data limit, and is reset every month on your billing date.

What's the Liberty Pass?

If you go over your Priority Data limit, the Liberty Pass kicks in to give you 1 to 5 Mbps download speeds. The speed and experience you get has to do with the time of day, the network traffic in your area and the type of activity you're doing online:

· During morning/daytime hours (usually from about 2 a.m. to 5pm), Liberty Pass speeds should allow you to do most of the things you want to do online. For example, you should still be able to stream video, but not on multiple devices and you may not be able to stream high definition video.

· During evening hours (usually from about 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.) when we typically have heavy traffic on the network, , your speeds may be very slow, which may significantly limit the activities you can do online. Even so, Liberty Pass lets you avoid the restrictions automatically imposed when you use up your data allowance under our other internet plans.

Remember: If you don't go over your Priority Data limit, you won't need the Liberty Pass. It's just good to know it's there if you do go over! While the Liberty Pass is a better experience than the data allowance restrictions imposed under our older plans, keep in mind that it's not unlimited. As described in our Data Allowance Policy, Liberty Pass users who use the service more heavily than lighter users may experience slower speeds, depending on the level of internet traffic on our network in the customer's geographic area. Liberty Pass customers will receive lower priority on the network than subscribers who have not used their data allowance, which may result in slower speeds when the network is busy.

Who should choose a Liberty Plan?

· If you and your family mostly use the internet during the daytime, especially before 5 p.m., you'll likely benefit from one of our Liberty Plans.

· If you and your family use the internet a lot at all hours of the day and night, the Liberty Plans should improve your overall experience compared to our older Exede plans.

Who wouldn't benefit from a Liberty Plan?

· If you're a light user of the internet in general, our entry-level Essential 10 plan will likely provide all the data you need every month. If you mostly use email and visit websites without streaming much video or downloading files, you probably don't need a Liberty Plan.

· If most of your internet usage occurs during the evening – from about 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. – you may find the benefits of a Liberty Plan to be limited. But, since you can try Liberty 12 for three months for the same price as Essential 10, why not give it a try? You may find that the speeds are still pretty good after you use all of your Priority Data.

How are the Liberty Plans different than traditional data plans?

With a traditional data plan, your plan has a strict data allowance (sometimes called a "data cap") every month. Once you've used up all your data, your service will be restricted, with extremely slow speeds if you do not buy more data. With Liberty Plans, if you use all of your Priority Data, you can continue to use the service at slower speeds that should still be fast enough to do most of what you want to do online.

At what times will the Liberty Pass be the most useful?

For about 15 hours a day – roughly from 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. –your speeds will likely be pretty good. During "peak" hours when the Exede network is busiest – roughly 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. – there is less bandwidth available, causing speeds to be much slower. Think of it as more cars on the highway, causing slower traffic.

What can I do online when I'm using the Liberty Pass?

During the daytime, you should be able to do most of the same things you do when you're using your Priority Data, but your speeds will be slower. For example: during daytime hours, you should be able to stream video, although you will be unable to do multiple streams at the same time. During the evening, high-bandwidth activities like streaming video and video chatting may not be possible. However, low bandwidth activities like web browsing and email should continue to work just fine.

What kind of speeds can I expect when I'm using the Liberty Pass?

When the network isn't very busy (such as during daytime hours), you can expect download speeds from 1-5 Mbps when using your Liberty Pass and upload speed of 1 Mbps. Your precise speeds will vary depending on how much other traffic is on the network in your geographic area. The heaviest users of Liberty Pass may experience slower speeds.

During the busiest times on the network — usually from about 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. — your Liberty Pass speeds will be much slower than at other times of the day.

What if the Liberty Pass isn't fast enough?

You'll always have the option to buy more Priority Data when you need it. You can also upgrade (there is no upgrade charge) to a more expensive plan that includes more Priority Data every month.

So, is there any data limit while using Liberty Pass?

The Liberty Plans are not unlimited. Heavy users of Liberty Pass may experience slower speeds than lighter users of Liberty Pass. Your speeds on Liberty Pass will vary and in certain situations (such as during evening hours when the network is busy), the speeds may be so slow that your ability to use the internet may be greatly impaired. See the Data Allowance Policy and Network Management Policy for more information.

Is there a Free Zone on the Liberty Plans?

With the new Liberty Plans, we're no longer offering a Free Zone during the late night or early morning hours. The Liberty Pass also works in the overnight hours. The Essential 10 plan, which is also offered in Liberty Plan areas, does have a Free Zone from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily, but it does not have a Liberty Pass option.

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1. If I change to the Liberty Pass do I have to sign up for another 2 year term or does the contract I have now continue until my 2 years is up.
2. What are the down/up speeds after the data cap is reached on the Liberty Pass 12 Plan
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No switching plans does not renew your contract unless you want to repay the 2yr lease in advance again rather then the monthly payment.

The "Liberty Pass" speeds should be between 1-5mbps during off peek hours.  Now just as there normal exede plans the speed can vary depending on how much bandwidth is available on the beam and if you are trying to watch a movie on your Liberty Pass or just surfing the web.  If you are trying to be a heavy user on the Pass you will most likely see the 1mbps or less compared to someone just surfing the web and checking email.


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