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I was quoted $79.99 per month for unlimited. When I go on line, I don't see the price for the Silver Unlimited, the contract that I agreed to. Installation is complete.
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Posted 3 months ago

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There are different plans and different prices depending on the location.  Go to viasat.com/internet and put in your zip code, those are the current plans in your area.  On top of those prices there is an equipment lease fee.  Also, new subscribers receive a discount the first three months (which should be indicated above).

All plans are "unlimited", all have thresholds that will deprioritize you, different video restrictions, etc.  Also, congestion varies by area.

Edit:, here's what "silver" looks like in my zip "Unlimited Silver 12, Download speeds up to 12Mbps, Unlimited data, Stream DVD quality video typically 480p, $100/mo, $150/month after 3 months ".
"On the Unlimited Bronze 12, Silver 12, and Gold 12 service plans, after 35, 45, or 65 GB of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion."
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Same here.  $100 for first three months, then $150, and that's with the 45GB prioritization threshold.  

That price seems odd, though.  A Silver plan for $70 (or even $79.99)?  Still, I know that it can vary from place to place.   
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I dropped Gold to go back to Liberty. 
How I got Gold was constant calling request. 

Not available in my zip but I got it! 
It is Worthless. 
$120.00 more than entry Liberty.
They up the bill for Gold pricing four times on me.

Now I go 110 Gig's over the 10 allowed each month. 
Forget peak. 
You will get throttled, yet on the west coast between 7-11 pm and that's it.
Four hours
Usually only on holidays and weekends.
I have phone as well @ $109 total.
Base Liberty package ($79).
Taxes fill the void.
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But, you haven't answered my question, and nobody at Viasat has told me what my plan is or how much it costs.  Everyone looking for an easy answer...it should be.  I will switch back to HughesNet if I don't get answers.
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It isn't an easy answer. Not all Silver plans have the same features and the price varies by location.
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I called back to Viasat, posing as a new customer with the same address, etc. and they gave me a price of $80, increase to $110 after 90 days instead of $70 increase to #100.  Also found price for the same thing for $65.
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That would've been my guess as to what you have. The $10 difference is the equipment lease fee that is not included in the plan price.
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Plans and prices vary by location. That is your answer, plain and simple. Viasat changes what is available every time the wind blows a different direction. What was available yesterday in your zip code may not be available today.
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My thought was if you recently signed up and installed, go to their website and put in the zip, unless there was a recent change, the prices you see might be what you signed up for, if the same plan is available.

I'm not familiar with Viasat's account access, billing, etc., because due to the pricing of the new service (at double the competition), and installs for the old service being closed for years, I don't know anyone with the newer service, and haven't looked through that personally.  I'd think there'd be a way to see which plan you were on, at least a bill generated (at some point).  Does this get to the current one?  https://www.exede.com/customer-portal/

And, if you switch back, you will pay a hefty termination fee, unless you can get out of that.... 

Other than those options, someone here will tell you to email viasatlistens@viasat.com with your account info and request for more information.  Or, ...call them....

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it's an introductory offer. Something like first 3 months. Then it will jump towards $100.