What happened to old wildblue/exede forum

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What happened to the other wildblue/exede forums? There was no notification that it was being taken down, and why did I have to register a new user and password for this forum. I was user Rebel Rider on the old one. And what happened to my wildblue email account. 
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James Paramore

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Posted 1 year ago

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Steve Frederick-VS1/Beam314, Champion

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The Worldwide Wildblue/Exede forum was taken down at the end of November. It was announced several times in the two months before it was taken down in the forum.

Nothing changed with your Wildblue email account. They are still active.
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Surprised they didn't just put the forum into a read-only mode and keep it online for archival purposes.  Surely it wouldn't cost much resource wise to keep an SQL database and website online on in a VM on one of their rack servers. >.>
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Old Labs (VS1-329-L12FZ)

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Good point, years of collective knowledge that was easier to search and locate (compare to the GetSatisfaction format) is now gone.
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James Paramore

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It was not the Worldwide Wildblue/Exede forum, it was just the Wildblue form. I was just on there a few days ago and there was nothing about it being taken down. And yes my email is gone, when I try to login all I get is a user agreement page. And I can't send or receive from it. 
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There are the log in links to email for both Wildblue.net and exede.net accounts. They are still there.

As for the WildBlue World forum, there was an announcement in the announcements section of that forum, Posted a month ago, and a discussion in another section about it as well.

If you cannot access your email, call support at 855-463-9333, something else is going on if those links don't work for you.
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I'm not talking about the Wildblue World forum, I've never heard of it. This was just the Wildblue/Exede forum, it was much easier to navigate than this one. I was just on there a few days ago, I didn't see an announcement. And I don't see any of the Exede employees on this forum that were on the other one.  
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WildBlueWorld was the only other WildBlue/Exede forum. Diana, Brad, Alex, both Matts, they are all here.

No more Exede in the names since there is no more Exede - it's all Viasat now.
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Hi James,  The WildBlue/Exede forum has been retired. Yes it does require you to register if you have not used it before.  We are on this forum now. More employees may be added in the future. Welcome!
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James. I am not a big fan of this format either, but it is what it is.

There is still DSLReports. While Viasat doesn't officially monitor it, some of the seasoned users from the old forum are over there. Another option to consider.
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Is there a way to connect our old accounts (with post history etc.) to this one, or is that not possible at all?
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Hi Maxwell

I don't believe so because they were on 2 different platforms :(