What do you remember about life before the internet?

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If you were born before 1985 or so, you remember there was a time before email, before Netflix, before Google and, yes, before Exede! This article takes a look at how technology affects society and touches on the idea of being part of the last pre-internet generation.

Apart from the usual remembrances of that ghastly dial-up modem noise, Netscape and AOL, the thing I remember most about being connected in the '90s was the break I got from typing. At the time, I was the editor of a small newspaper in Colorado, and a good part of my day was spent typing in letters to the editor, columns, news releases and the like. Once email became prevalent, I had a lot more time to do other stuff than simply input text. What a time saver! 

What's your 'early days o' the internet' story?
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I remember Prodigy, used to love the games there but, my fondest memory was the Lompoc BBS. That's where I met the guy that did my first tattoo - for free.

And ANSI graphics, I used to be quite the artist in ANSI LOL.
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I had WEBTV I loved it, Then MSN Got there hands on it Wasn't fun like it was when it was WEBTV Allso had a mail station Write emails and get emails sent back too you. Prodigy was fun. Had WEBTV Just used it at times Then MSN shut it down .born 1949 old guy here
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still have the webtv boxes
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What do you remember about life before the internet?
Books and I'm rediscovering them... when I go to the library to perform large downloads. I was using McDonalds free WIFI but found myself becoming a "heavier" user of Exede and I'm not even on the Liberty Plan...
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Some of us "old folks" remember what it was like to watch tv on a black/white set with rabbit ears.  Foil wrapped around the antenna to try and get better signal, even then often we watched a grainy picture because we were happy to get that.  AND, gasp, we had 2, maybe 3 channels available if we were lucky.  And like Old Labs mentioned above, we probably spent a lot of time reading, board games were a thing too, and cards.  I remember when cable TV came into being, I think we might have had 8 or 9 channels to watch then.  Wow!