What causes the plans to change?

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Locally Viasat2 was available and there were bronze-gold plans with 12/3 speeds and the video limiting whatever.

Why is it back to liberty plans and no wifi included?? im so confused, viasat 2 is definitely not full of subscribers already in our beam...

using surfbeam 2 modems is crazy considering it's 2018!
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They have promotional offers for different geographical areas, but I can't say for certain, however I do know every plan available in my area now is a downgrade from what used to be available, with the exception of the essential plan which is no longer offered, and everything available for my area offers a Wi-Fi modem.
Most notable is the speed. I'm not going to be changing a thing because I want the 25mbps.

Pictured below is what I have now, and what's available in my area now.
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Those offers are for beams that are congested. I have the same offers for my oversold beam. And no VS2 option.
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That's what I figured, but as fast as my speeds are I don't really believe this immediate area is over sold. I just checked my speed and it's 20.04mbps, and that's way less than usual.
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Actually many of us would still prefer a modem only solution and bring our own routers to the table and you'll find that the "free WiFi" offered by Viasat isn't really free - it's baked into the plan pricing and everbody pays (apparently it takes a village or community in this case).

I still use a Surfbeam 2 with no issues... I prefer my own router - more functionality that I require and want, as well as overall better WiFi coverage than either of the Viasat combination modem/router devices. For me, no plans available worth switching to that require either of the "newer" devices and the promise of "up to 25 Mbps" vs "up to 12 Mbps" isn't worth the added $10 I'd pay to switch to those plans (no lease fee for me). Similarly no interest in Viasat Voice on those devices either.  Even if I were to get one of those fancier devices, the first thing I'd be doing is setting it for bridge mode to disable its router and use my own - the only thing the new triangular prism offers me is a fashion statement. YMMV.

I also believe Liberty Plans without WiFi are still offered on the old Exede augmented beams (the older Anik and Wildblue satellites), which maght not even support the "newer" modem/router combination devices offered on Viasat-1 and Viasat-2.  Until those birds are retired and as long as there's some bandwidth to sell on them (there's probably not much), Viasat will do so. At the same time I've noticed some of the marketing isn't specifically hyping the "free built-in WiFi" any more - but it's there if you dig past the "call to action" (It's not a major selling point for many in the know - no more than free email accounts are and those aren't being offered to new customers anymore). Many of us feel Viasat should focus on the actually internet access rather than bright shiny objects.

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Agreed. Let me provide my own router with the functionality I want and need. I don't need a port for the overpriced, overhyped Viasat Voice either.
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I am still on Viasat1 with the originally supplied modem (no WiFi).  I upgraded to "Unlimited Silver 12" which gives us 60 GB of unthrottled data after which we may have periods of slow data speeds due to congestion.  I could've also upgraded my modem to a WiFi modem but am more than happy with my existing modem which gives me some control over who and what time other household members (kids) have WiFi access.  It also allows me to (with some additional equipment) to monitor where and how much time my kids spend doing things such as online gaming, email, browsing, and visiting the app stores,... I do have a small business but it has a different ISP which works most of the time so in times of bad weather I may switch to Viasat to get some time critical things done.  Any way I going to stick with Viasat1 for the forseeable future - even when we exceed our 60 GB cap (rarely) we manage OK.
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Liberty plans only here as well. Very happy to have gotten freedom plan when I did a year ago. Don't have much hope for anything better until viasat 3. Which won't be for a while and I don't want life going fast. It's just internet.
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Freedom and Liberty plans are superior to the "unlimited" plans despite what the propaganda says.
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Well put, VetSat. 
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Liberty 12 is more unlimited than those unlimited plans.
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I have nothing to compare it to except feedback from this forum, but I have to agree Stephen. I always have internet, my speeds are awesome, and even when I use up my 12 gigs and I go into restriction, I can still stream Hulu! I was on Essential 10 - 25mbps with 3 to 8 AM free zone and wifi, until I changed to this plan. I changed plans because it was the same price and offered 2 more gigs a month, and no cut off once you used all of your data, but I didn't read the fine print, and I lost 2 hours of free zone, which hurt since I made use of those early morning hours, but since I've discovered my speeds in restriction mode are pretty darn good, and there's no going back, I'm over it.
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All plans are "unlimited". The difference is the level you are throttled down. On heavily congested beams, being deprioritzed on an unlimited plan will be as slow as a hard cap on one of the old plans.

Advice is to take a plan with a high level of priority data or a free zone. Don't fall for the unlimited hype.