Webpage Bloat, QMT, and Usage Limits

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My internet has been much slower than usual on a regular basis, even when the weather was clear and I have not gone over the monthly limit. I started to wonder if this was a common problem and googled it. I came across some articles-- one in particular that said WildBlue had something called QMT (it was either Quota Management Threshold or Quota Measurement Threshold). If a user loaded more than 30Mb in 30min they would be throttled. This was based on statistics that the average webpage was 320Kb and a person could load 90 webpages before being throttled via the QMT system.

Now, I know WildBlue and Exede are separate but both use Viasat and I've heard that Exede uses some of WildBlue's systems. So, I have a few questions:
1. Does Exede use QMT and throttle users?
2. If Yes, then what are the limits? (I was reading that people who chronically went over their limits were essentially capped permanently- albeit not at the speeds of being over the monthly limit).
3. Is Exede aware of the current statistics about average website size?
4. If Yes, is there any chance they may consider modifying the usage amounts to reflect the changes over the past few years?

In 2011 the average webpage was over 800kb but still less than 1Mb. Since then, more sites use images, flash, css, and even auto-load videos and as of May 2015 the average page is over 2Mb.  (It was just under 2Mb in 2014)
https://gigaom.com/2014/12/29/the-overweight-web-average-web-page-size-is-up-15-in-2014/ shows last year's statistics.

http://www.soasta.com/blog/page-bloat-average-web-page-2-mb/ shows this years statistics so far.

I've found that even when I am not browsing more than usual, my bandwidth is going a lot faster. I have flashblock, adblock, and try to avoid sites that auto-load videos that are not blocked by my extensions. Sometimes these extensions make it difficult to get pages to work properly. Facebook is a total suckfest when it comes to bandwidth-- and I have disabled auto-play videos. Tumblr is another page that takes its toll. I even seem to have problems with Twitter sometimes.

It would be nice to be able to have a normal web-browsing experience without having to cripple the features on the page to avoid going over the limit. Even without loading videos or going to sites with videos, the images (which are often key to my enjoyment of some websites), and scripts are just eating the bandwidth up now.

I know that it is not Exede's fault that the webpage sizes are increasing and that the satellites have their limitations, but I do really think its important for Exede to keep up with the times and try to make accommodations for these changes so the customers aren't behind the curve as much.
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