We would like a print out of our data usage, when we used it.

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We don't understand how our data runs out so soon, very rarely do we use it. Please give us a print out of when it is used. When can we get out of this contract? Very unhappy with it.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Anne Erlandsen

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I am waiting for a reply.
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This isn't a direct customer support forum but primarily customer to customer self help venue.

That being said, you can contact Customer Care using one of the using the chat, email or phone options and request a usage review at:


Alternately, you may contact one of the moderators (Viasat employees) here by sending your account and contact information to viasatlistens@viasat.com. Don't post that personal info here since this is a public forum.

Finally if you have a working relationship with your independent installer/dealer he (or she) may able to provide the info to you.

With regard to contract, you can cancel at any time but be aware there is a cancellation fee for each month remaining in your two year commitment when you established service. At the same time, you'll be required to return some equipment or incur charges for failure to return. You can only cancel by calling Customer Care if it comes down to it and they can identify any cancellation fees at that time.

If you decide to stay, come back and ask how you can independently monitor your usage while verifying or disproving the accuracy of the Viasat usage claims or see the following recent conversation having to do with that topic:

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Many people have asked similar questions of Viasat and its predecessors Exede and Wildblue going back to the early 2000's.
So far Viasat's position has been that you will just have to trust them on what they say you used for data. This position of secrecy has understandably created suspicion.

I do not think you will have any success with Viasat with your request to get a printout of where your data went. Some people here have software to measure their usage but it has limitations if you have more than one device. Others have bought certain routers that can keep track of the data throughput.
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Hello Anne, I am sorry for the delay in responding.  Old Labs gave you great information.  Please send an email to viasatlistens@visat.com with your account and contact information. We do not print data usage nor do we have a way to do so. We can view the hours it was used and provide that information to you.

For immediate information on your data usage, please call Customer Care at 855.463.9333.
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Anne, apparently you are simply out of luck on tracking your data usage.

It strikes me as an unfortunate decision that Viasat made to ignore this feature.  HughesNet has been providing that information for many years [but I would NOT recommend HughesNet at this time].

You can be sure that their back end software is tracking every last bit coming and going.  They simply refuse to code a service feature for customers.

Given the pickle that this state of affairs seems to put you in, I would offer and suggest the following [it has made my life a bit less worrisome back in the day when I actually had real internet service].   When you're not on the internet for an extended period of time, unplug the modem.  I put all equipment possible on sleep mode during the day when I'm not using it and shut EVERYTHING OFF at night.